They’ve been HIDING this in Ukraine, Zelensky has some explaining to do | Redacted w Clayton Morris

A document released by a news outlet on Tuesday reportedly shows Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ordered that his government destroy all the documents related to the nation’s biolabs being run in collaboration with the Hunter Biden-connected firm Metabiota. NBC may have actually caught this destruction on camera. #ukraine

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Written by Redacted


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  1. Yea, We are theorists and loons,.. and, oops! Uh, yea, well,.. they never acknowledge their part in creating disbelief in the honesty of our government, who is supposed to work for US!.. WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO LIE TO US?

  2. This lady should know about "classic" socialist response, she herself and all her bureaucrat friends are socialist and yes this is EXACTLY how they accused others of what they will soon do…

  3. 100% lies since day 1 .I mean Ukraine.
    I always knew that. I just was waiting for the truth to come out for the public.
    Who knows if the truth ever go to the majority of public. I doubt it. 😕

  4. Western integrity at its best as usual. My dad was in WW2 and said believe half of what you see and less of what you hear. This is a great example. What pathetic people we have leading us in the west. We should join Russia and help do away with them.

  5. Youre right regarding that pres Biden have some answers to give.
    But what about selinskij???
    Haven't he a pile of questions to answer to, regarding these biolabs?

    Off course he has!
    So when will we see a journalist?

    And by the way,
    is it maybee this knowledge, and some hard evidence regarding european countries and companies involvement in these biohazard labs, theire "science", on perhaps covid, that make selinskij so cocky and confident to get what ever he demands from the EU and some of its "deeper" commited states?
    Wouldnt surprice us a bit.

  6. Oh but there's more!

    Let us see who has been going to Kiev these last 2 months…

    Pelosi (HS) and Schiff (CIA)
    Boris Johnson …twice
    Ursula Van der crazy

    Something big is coming out of this . .

    Maybe there was some election tampering to get their desireables in power.

  7. Unbelievable! Thanks for doing the show without Natalie. For a change, I truly enjoyed the uninterrupted discussion and info. They should all be prosecuted and receive the death sentence.

  8. The details are not important: the lies are never ending and the risks never adequately considered. I fear we shall be overcome by the evil: Washed Away in a Riptide of Filth and Despair.

  9. So disappointed in the government of my country…..killings, bombing of innocents, illegal and dangerous bio labs, FBI collisions with criminal politicians And more horrid actions than you can shake a stick at!!
    Stop the EVIL madness AMERICA

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