They’ve Completely Lost Their MINDS! I Can Smell The PANIC!


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  1. The only fascists I’ve seen since President Trump ran all those years ago and since then have been from the Left and the Democratic regime. They’ve been nothing but the pure, textbook definition of a fascist and fascism.

    Biden demanded people got the vaccine, or they’ll be fired from their jobs, be deemed a loser..a murderer..and so much more. Biden and the Democrats are the real fascists.


  2. In the MSNBC tape the woman on the right has a look in her eye's like she knows it is all lie's and talking point's, but she don't believe even a shed of the story!!!

  3. We normal people are normal because we don’t know how to live life hating and hurting people. It’s definitely not normal to hate so much it rules your life direction.

  4. I forgot Howard Dean even existed. All I remember of him is when he went bananas in front of his supporters as he ran for President.

    “We’re going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico and California and Texas and New York and we’re going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan and then we’re going to Washington DC to take back the White House! 🤯ARRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. Collectivist one Party/Govt Control over the Individual and the Economy, Corporatism, Propaganda, Censorship, Identity Politics, Book Burning, Eugenics, Election Fraud, Gun Control. Which American Party advocates these Nahtzee policies? A real far right winger named George Washington was shooting Redcoats because of an over-priced Stamp. That's what the American right is trying to Conserve, lol.

  6. President Trump didn't build his empire by worrying about their feelings. He's dealt with his share of stupid and doesn't have the patience for it anymore. I know I've sure had a damn nough with it!

  7. About the Jan 6 kangaroo court, had anybody called Judge Judy?
    That’ll legitimize this hearing for sure. That way also, they can hit their target audience: aging boomers and older Medicare recipients.

  8. Barack Obama's greatest accomplishment was he saved us from Mitt Romney mitt romney's greatest Complishment was he ran against Barack Obama and got his ass kicked

    🇺🇲🇺🇲YOU GO P🇺🇲TUS TRUMP🇺🇲🇺🇲
    🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲YOU GO DESANTIS🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  10. IMO…Look up Newsom and Central Valley water. He's taken a $2.9 Billion incentive in February 2022, to pay farmer's not to farm. The Central Valley is the largest producer of fruit, nuts and vegetables for the Nation and other countries. Throwing farmer's under the bus, they know water conservation better than anyone. Newsom owns PlumpJack winery, also partner's on with Getty and other's at the Cade winery, is involved with his own 23 businesses while trying to collapse other's lying about a drought…we got over two inches of rain this season hardly a drought. We can't eat wine grapes and I bet he won't be cutting his water to his vineyards that supply his "boutique wineries" He also exempted his wineries from covid rules, he shut down wineries in 19 counties in 2020 but his stayed open. That's definitely a conflict of interest and creating a monopoly. Why isn't he in jail. He also received $370,000 from the beer, wine, and liquor industries for his 2018 campaign. He's going to let people starve in this nation and other countries while saving his 23 businesses. He's a joke California doesn't need. Anthony Trimino is a better fit for California he's not a dick-tator like Newsom, and he's against communism. I feel sorry for anyone trying to get Newsom a presidency. Newsom, Pelosi and the Getty's are all in Kahoots. The farmers need to fight this all the way. You have consumer rights and if you pay for water you are a consumer and you have Rights. Slap a lien against him as a civilian. I can't believe it's gone this far, dictating how much water someone can have or in Newsom's case won't let us have. Now telling people they can only water twice a week. We reserve our Rights you DICK-TATOR!!! Everyone needs to start catching rain to help out, because he's become a water Nazi. As the California lakes and ground water are contaminated we don't hear anything about him cleaning them. He's not helping he's hurting. Like saving smelt and killing Salmon, what a fake *ucking government California is running. We take care of our own here and can be self sufficient, never forget that. We're stronger together and don't need a communist dick-tator babysitter running our state into the graveyard. Take care.🪶🤍

  11. Howard Dean get a grip on reality n stay n the back ground n just keep quiet 🤫 try telling the truth for once in ur life , President Trump is more popular than Howard Dean , ppl are not swallowing ur crap anymore their eyes 👀 n ears 👂 are open n it’s going to be hard to shut them down

  12. If narcissism is an illness Howard Dean is just as terminal. Can I get a "BYAAAAAAAH!" from ya, Howie? For ol' time's sake? You irrelevant nothing. 99% of politicians and public figures are narcissistic. What an idiot.

  13. Fascism. Racism. Sexism. _____phobia, just enter random term here. These are the tools of the elite that they use to remain in power. Accuse, accuse, accuse. Almost always of the things THEY'RE actually guilty of THEMSELVES!

  14. Democrats wouldn't recognize 'illness' if it ran for President. And do they really care about scandal? It's rampant in their own backyard and they're still too unaware to see it.

  15. Trump has a tremendous advantage in that he can now argue to the American people that he is so hated by the people that destroyed the American economy — Democrats and RINOs — that he was politically attacked falsely over and over.

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