Things are so bad, central banks are doing something never done before – Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research, discusses the outlook for the markets, and the Federal Reserve’s next moves, with David Lin, Anchor for Kitco News.

Bianco noted that the Bank of England has warned that the U.k. will fall into a recession, something central banks have historically not admitted.

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0:00 – Fed’s next moves
4:31 – The U.S. dollar
10:14 – BRICS reserve currency
12:19 – Europe’s energy crisis
14:46 – The Bank of England’s recession statement
16:05 – Investment implications

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  1. I almost like this guy comments, if he was into reality, the dollar is finished, look at UAE, and other estates replacing the dollar, look at the russian advance ukraine, look at the sucessive massive usa spending. This is the end, it will take some time, but listen to Ray Dalio, this is the end. Or the beggining of a great war. I admire a nationalistic speech, but this is it, just a nationalist saying his currency is the best.

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  4. These Economics guys tend to ignore the CULTURAL aspect in their analysis. Rest of this World outside of US led Supremist Colonists are accustomed to Bleeding under Supremist Colonist Domineering & Welcome the Opportunity to Bleed Voluntarily and Rid Themselves of the 15 – 20% Supremist Parasite Monkey on their backs, Permanently. Covid Laid Bare the Bigotry beyond any doubt & Ukraine Nazis Confirmed the Nazi Glue holding Supremists together at Govt level.

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