Things Just Got “Historically Bad” For Biden… WATCH How He’s Responding. Disgusting Lies.


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  1. Their stated "STATED" goal is the destruction of the US……This is what Soros has said (BLM , Antifa ,Currupt D.A.s and ADAs) as well as Schwab(Great reset, W.E.F., New world order)…..sLike folks are desensitized or Apathetic ,or in Denial…..Sad….America was kinda cool

  2. Beijing Biden
    Is guilty of TREASON
    Attacking American parents as terrorist is TREASON.
    He works for us
    Remove the treasonous drug dealing sold out poser bumbling Beijing Biden.

  3. You finally got to where I've been..piss'd rent is up 250.00 more,my 5.9%is gone before I get it,shelves empty,goods sitting on cargo ships, trucker's talking strike.i said it on November 6th.. we're Screwed!!UGH 😫😤

  4. The failed economy is all biden fault he owns it all. Thanks to his open boarders this allows illegal immigrants to vote in our elections this is the democrats plan this is why they want amnesty for them to democrats and the prematurely evacuation of Afghanistan and this is why they don't want rules for voting they want to cheat to win elections cause they can't win in a fair election cause they are losing their parties and they know this that why they using their illegals for their new democrats so they can stay in power and they used covid to win elections and they are using covid to steal elections cause they know that without it they will lose

  5. Apocalypse

    By-pass the banks. Pay all bills with money orders or cash as much as possible. Use credit cards with caution and do not use your SSN as ID, use your driver license number and use it sparingly. With 50 states to sift through, it will take a lot of time and effort. Deposit as little money as possible into your bank account. Exchange services, not money when ever you can.
    All of these measures will not stop the IRS from spying but it will make it much more difficult, maybe even impossible.
    The government is encouraging the return of the barter system and the black market. Joe is doing a great job of forcing the public to learn how to handle their finances like the drug cartels and money launderers. Let’s Go Brandon!

  6. I’m paying $1.35/gallon MORE than I did twelve months ago. America was energy independent, twelve months later we are pleading with OPEC to increase production to support America. They said scr*w you! Biden is a f**king me*s!

  7. and ya got to think is their one ?? I say one supporter of this kind of thing being happy to see your country state and city and home lowered to trash state that's what they are doing to you democrats are you dancing in the streets yet IS THERE ONE THAT SUPPORTS THIS >>?? ID LIKE TO SEE HIM

  8. Simply then marijuana should be illegal and any state by having a dispensary should be charged with felonies and charges for distributing etc etc. 🤦‍♂️ this administration needs to be kicked out so the plethora of problems can be taken care of that they created.

  9. I like how you use the perfect analogy for what Trump has done to the country over the past four years, but then you just throw it all onto Joe Biden cause your mad the totalitarian orange didn't get in. It's hard to hear much of what you say over all of that bootlicking for your daddy trumpster lmao

  10. Biden and his ilk are enemies of the people and everything that is occurring now is our fault for not letting the buck stop with us, I cannot blame biden when we could have stopped him at any time with a single militia.

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