Things Just Got Really Bad For The Biden Crime Family.


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  1. It's called biden privalge. How many crimes can he get away with. Just because you have alot of money or famous or family to big government don't make them above getting punishment

  2. These people are so brazen, arrogant, and entitled that they do this kind of shit because they know that they will never face any consequences of any crime that they commit, no matter how egregious… 😑 They're literally begging for blood in the streets, true "insurrection", a civil war that would dwarf the last one… Again they are still the Democrat Party – during the Civil War (advocating for identity politics, authoritarianism, segregation, and "racial justice"… and the Republicans are once again the true truly "progressive" side, fighting for equality!

    Yes, that is correct… The DEMOCRATS (known as the "Dixiecrats" in the south) are the party of the confederacy, slavery, segregation, founders of the KKK, and were responsible for the confederate side of the Civil War… that fought AGAINST the Civil Rights movement as recently as the early 60s! The Republican Party was founded as Abraham Lincoln's abolitionist movement – that sacrificed thousands of (white) soldiers that were turned against their own countrymen (fathers fighting sons, brothers fighting brothers) to END SLAVERY!

    Obviously, these people have not a fvcking clue about world history, let alone their own history! 😣 If they think that January 6th was an "insurrection", they better be careful what they wish for… because putting ditsy blonde "valley girls" (upset about Roe v Wade) against southern, red state "country boys" is just cruel, and it can only go one way… 😏

  3. What really pisses me off is that this laptop was discovered in early 2019 when Trump was in office. What I want to know is why these people weren't put in jail THEN?! If this would have been anyone else's laptop with all this illegal stuff on it they would have been arrested within weeks.

    Another thing about this laptop stuff is that all the BS on that laptop is only leaking out a bit at a time when you know damn well that laptop is loaded with incriminating evidence.

  4. To me and probably to anybody else that’s not very political but very confused, it kind of looks like the Republicans are either working with the Democrats or scared of them. I’m saying this because this Democrat administration is one of the most corrupt,but more importantly this Fake puppet So called President has to be one of the most impeachable President in the History of the United States,not to mention the corrupt and compulsive lying speaker of the House Nervous Nancy Pelosi. We also know that Cheney was probably leaking classified information from the Trump administration and that’s treasonous. I don’t understand why the Republicans aren’t all over this like the Democrats we’re for a great President of the people for the people. We know that why they’re going after him at any cost,even making lies up, any politician that starts working for the people will be shown the Door asap, just ask Green. Until I see good people like a green who wanted to impeach this horrible,lying, cheating,criminal, of a President,I will believe we only have one Government in America,all working together, so it’s now 109% them against us. God bless, let’s go Biden. May good triumph over Evil with our President Trump at the helm. Don’t take anything they say as truth and fight them every inch to protect our President, God bless and protect President Donald J Trump.

  5. And what's going to happen to the bidens? Nothing just like the clintons. And to the fools who voted him in need to turn your American card and get deported

  6. Or maybe these "hackers" were allowed to get access and now that they do have access the data on the phone and icloud will now become tainted just to make them look bad since many had access to it. So if in the event that somehow this family ever goes to court, i bet all that info will end up getting thrown out and not even used.

  7. Ha, to call the Bidens a 'crime family' is to insult the five families, the bidens have no honour whatsoever and no balls whatsoever. They're a clutch of low-life cowards.

  8. Holding all accountable will not come to pass.. Hacking and leaking evidence don't hold in court
    IDIOTS… I have BEEN SAYING SINCE 2016 need more lawful white hats and whistleblowers….. You all are giving Dems a get-out-of-court free card just like Hillary Clinton…WAKE THE FUCK UP. IF YOU WANT JUSTICE GET PROOF LAWFULLY!!! OTHERWISE STFU AND DON'T BITCH WHEN HE AND THE REST WALKS.

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