Think Big Pharma’s Corrupt Now? THIS Is What’s Next!!!

As politicians across both parties support a big-pharma backed candidate as the new commissioner of the FDA, is this just the latest example of the corrupt relationship between government and the pharmaceutical industry?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. As truth slowly leaks out by their treasonous censorship and the fraudulent official narrative continues to crumble, beware their attempts to rewrite their own deceitful history. The manufactured excuses will come fast and furious. Just simple human mistakes good citizen, that is how they will handle the cover-up. ..I know it and you know it. Don't allow this to happen. Far too many innocent people were harmed , these are crimes against humanity by any definition of the word. They made no accidental mistakes, they played it exactly as they planned…..simply research event 201….this was a manufactured crisis right from the start and never did any of their fraud actions pertain to health and safety of the populace , hence , why none of it made any logical sense in regards to health and safety. It wouldn't because it doesn't ! It's that freaking easy to understand. Think of this as a business plan with collateral damage considered profits….other benefits include important data about obedience and compliance for future use with their plans for total authoritarian control ….still think that's just some wild conspiracy? Do some research and as always follow the money . Please, do not forget all tbe lies, deceit and censorship over the last 2 plus years. ..the destruction these lies created will effect every aspect of society for a long,long time

  2. All this information is readily available to the public. The issue is, none of us hold any of these con artists to account. They know we won't.

    Them: "Do you want to run the FDA?" Us: "hell no" Them: "then shut your pie hole and let us do this thing" Us: "OK daddy".

    The truth is the vast majority of people don't want to "know how the sausage is made". They just want things to work, while they find out if Joey really is the baby's daddy on daytime television or try out the new challenge on Tik Tok. The person reading this may not be that way, but MILLIONS of your fellow Americans (insert country here) ARE that way. Big business, big pharma, and politicians count on it and purposely push it. Many of our brothers and sisters are easily distracted by the next shiny object. As long as their life is "good enough" or “safe” they don't care one bit what happens behind the scenes. Nothing will change until we can get them on board as well.

  3. 🤔That's what this is all about is holding us hostage while they gain the ability to have NO LIABILITY for vaccine damaged ppl. The loopholes that allowed them to open side companies to test drugs and when damaged ppl they could keep that liability away from the main pharmaceutical company such as Phizer and then when they pile up they close that place declare bankruptcy and open a new testing facility. This was closed on RNA research and then wow a pandemic that one of the biggest investots in MNRA research predicts said pandemic that will allow their money to not be gone but to keep the experiments going. THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING 🤔

  4. There will be a shovel shortage soon. After trying to bury the truth over Covid big pharma & the Governments next assignment is the Factor 8 scandal. I didn't believe the Covid bs anyway but after hearing about Factor 8 I'm more convinced than ever that this has been one big money making scam.

  5. That's why I make my own meds now.The Lord has
    provided everything we need to heal our bodies in
    nature. Big Pharma cannot sell what God made, so
    they demonized these cures that work better than
    anything they can throw together. God created them
    out of love, not greed. When asked if I worry about
    declining the shot, my answer is " no, because I
    have the cure in my pantry ".

  6. We'r fortunate to have Dr R Fuellmich on the job at the NeuremburgTrial2021, and some lady lawyer hss charge fauci and gates with genocide. Thats the only way to the Achilles heal, of the beast. One needs to recognize the crimes, and press charges on the criminals. Keep diggen mate.

  7. Thank you for all you’re doing Russell. These are topics that most people are afraid to touch and yet you approach them with great intellect, balance and humour. Your voice is having a huge impact to the world!

  8. Vanguard ( major investors in very nearly every pharmaceutical company along with everything else) will be rapt they have an insider passing all their hugely profit making therapeutics working in conjunction with Dr Fauci who we know holds the world's populations best health interests to heart…….s'long as they can afford them.

  9. These senator's and politicians are supposed to be running country's, fighting for equality, healthcare and schools ect. They shouldn't have the time of day to play the stockmarkets, go skiing in Davvos and swanning about with private elites. It shows you what a god damm front it all is. The $200k a year salary want fill there greedy needs while average joe has no chance to earn that. Sickening.

  10. “Elect a Democrat or Republican and the wars and corruption will continue.”
    – Jesse Ventura
    “Show me a man who gets rich in politics and I’ll show you a crook!”
    – Harry S Truman

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