Think Elites Are SCAMMING You? WATCH THIS!!!

Elon Musk sparred with Bernie Sanders over tax policy this week. How do billionaires get away with paying so little relative tax compared to you, and why do so many politicians seems to want to keep it that way?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I don’t know if we should laugh or cry.They keep all the money to themselves,and determine what they think others should make per hour to live.I mean really,they have had minimum wage set here in Tennessee at 7.25 an hour for the longest time ever.Really?How do they figure people working can live on that?Who does the figuring here?It is so pathetic what these greedy people do.Then they look down on those people and call them poor and lower class.I don’t think so.Their the thieves that hoard all the money to themselves and watch all the suffering going on and consider themselves the higher class.Thieves are classified as convicts.And anyone who has the conscious to think this is ok is the lower class and the poor in spirit.To really think that that is even humane to expect people to raise a family on that.Then they want to tax it also.Money should be dispensed equally in the universe.Not hoarded up by a bunch of swine and toss the rest pocket change.They need to fall.They stole this land,and the money and the freedom.They should be jailed for all their humane acts against the welfare of everyone else.They do not have the right or the authority to totally determine how much all citizens should make.But they have tricked their way into making everyone believe they do.They have stolen and taken too much control over the entire human existence.And apparently they don’t know how to run things correct because the world is going all to hell over them trying to keep control.

  2. If we tax the rich more what is to stop them from buying an island somewhere and calling that their home? You can't tax people that much before they just pack up TAKING THOUSANDS OF JOBS WITH THEM AND GO ELSEWHERE. Yes they will just pick up their toys and go. Can we afford to lose all those jobs and that much $$$ out of the economy???

  3. This is nothing new. The govt protects the corporations and the corporations favor govt parties. However republican, Democrat, two wings of the same bird. “It’s a giant club and you ain’t in it.” – the late GC

  4. I love brand, but come on. This isn't "the system" being designed to protect the wealthy. It's clearly the wealthy using loopholes to get around the rules. You can close those loopholes, but they'll find others. They've got millions of dollars riding on it. And the money didn't go to Musk, it went to Tesla. Probably even had to document what it was spend on. Now, is anybody gonna check? Probably not, since, again, the government was giving out money last year. Just handing it out. Why Musk is evil for taking a piece of it is beyond me.

    And he keeps talking about scrapping "the system." Why? Because rich people are rich? God forbid.

  5. Russell I absolutely love your content, your perspective, your energy, your passion, your heart. And I respect you immensely as an intellect and for the time you are committing to doing what you can to make a difference in the world according to your values. But on this issue I am conflicted and hampered both by my ignorance of the details that matter and by my love for Elon.

    I believe the reporting on people like Elon is heavily skewed against him and the numbers are made artificially incendiary by cherry picking numbers that best demonise him. People who own companies are not like people who own some stocks. His ownership of the companies is a MASSIVE risk financially. If they go down (would be super easy to happen and for reasons outside of his control) he doesn't get anything back from that. He built those companies using (very nearly) all of his money. When he does sell his stocks he pays 53% tax.

    I'm not saying that we shouldn't be trying to make the econ system more fair, I'm not saying there isn't a problem, I'm not saying, even, that we shouldn't begin taxing unsold financial assets. I don't have enough knowledge to have any position, really, on how we should change the econ system.

    All I'm saying is the numbers you gave on this show were taken from reporting that is specifically sculpted to make the extremely wealthy look as bad as possible.

    Keep up the good work Russ, honestly mate, you give me hope. And, at this point, that is the thing I have in least supply.

  6. Even the odd billionaire like Musk that might deserve some respect is dodging his tax obligations – he is not immune from playing the dirty little game of privatising profits while socialising debts. The first step in the solution is, of course, to hold the corrupt politicians to account – the problem is that there are just too many of them and not enough of Bernie Sanders .

  7. Have you ever wondered why people get 'colds' in the winter, unless you live in equatorial regions? Increasingly, we live in smaller homes and visit smaller schools, offices and hospitals most of which do not have opening windows and where it is costing more and more to heat. Even the government has realised the attendant problems and have issue CO2 meters to schools, since the more people that inhabit these areas, CO2 levels increase to dangerous levels as the oxygen is used up. So what is the problem? Every day we each destroy over 5 billion cells and have to replace them. This process needs oxygen. Without enough oxygen, faulty and old cells are not destroyed and expelled or replaced properly and start to fester, creating a 'fever' and illness.

  8. How come has Berni, a politician, who works in the public sector for decades, 3 houses of millions??? He is an angry old PC demagogue, big time. We are in the West going back, it seems, to a feudal societies. Sad.

  9. I am all for them paying their fair share but take £13.9 billion figure he wouldn’t be paying tax on stock he owns in the company until that stock is sold and a profit is realised. If you tax stocks are you going to pay them for any loss. Can you imagine the clusterfuck it would be with millions claiming for losses it makes no sense. It would be the same as you Russell paying tax on the price your house has gone up by its a ridiculous notion. A far better argument would be to shut down tax havens and tax avoidance outlawed but it will never happen because politicians get donations from the rich to maintain the system. The alternative is communism which ends up with a world of peasants and the polit bureau at the top quaffing the champagne and caviar. Human nature is to be greedy competitive and to outdo their piers.

  10. That taxing unsold shares is actually a problem that needs some serious thought.

    It goes deeper than you mentioned – like if you have a mortgage and your house goes up in value then that should be taxed too – every year…. But who should pay them – the bank which holds the house until the mortgage is paid off or the home-owner paying off the mortgage.?

    So also – if your house price goes down the tax-man should allow you to deduct the change as a loss…

    I see paperwork – I need to get into the paperwork business… Then I'll have lots of customers.

    It deserves some serious thought – because if you then pay off your mortgage and keep the house – no mortgage but take out another mortgage…. and the house goes up – who should pay the taxes – the bank who own the house now, or the person who holds the repayments problem….

    AND what about people paying rent – living in a property that increases in value – shouldn't they get a smaller rent because the owner is getting his profit from the property price increase…? What if the property value goes down…. Shouldn't the renters pay more rent to compensate the owner.. Headaches for everyone – right?

  11. I think that the super rich are looking fwd to a virtual reality that won't include 'useless eaters' and 'whiners'. They can create a proxy population, modelled on SIMs, minus any conflict. Their wealth continues to grow as a computer simulates the market – generating the illusion of wealth… because that is all it ever is. Wealth is an illusion, like life too is an illusion.
    Wondering who will be the lucky devils to inherit the earth, when money is taken out of the equation, happiness rules and the world is your oyster.

  12. Trump (as a republican) took more Americans out of poverty in the poorest states as the president than any other so called democratic president, he made America support its people he brought back to America the industry and business that had been outsourced thus creating work and independence for the Americans, he was and is an amazing man and he was demonised because the deep state know two things, he was just like JFK (who was assassinated for the very same reason) he was going after the federal banks, the deep state, the cabals, the tri lateral commission, etc, (draining the swamp) and secondly they couldn’t control him! He was the last hope for us all, regardless of how stupid ignorant and wilfully blind people were in believing the relentless vile propaganda and outrageous lies spewed out 24/7 by the poisonous media and controlled opposition try comparing his record against any other presidency on lifting people especially black Americans out of poverty! and look at the madness and utter destruction of people under the looney left Biden administration

  13. Stocks are a very useful tool for low income people to build wealth… taxing stocks hurts people like me (making $16 an hour, investing about $100 a month) FAR MORE than these taxes would hurt the rich

  14. The problem is every single time this tax the rich gets adopted the people who end up being hurt the most are those who are rich on paper only. People like family farmers, small businesses and people who now on fixed income are considered rich because the home they purchased 50 years ago is worth a fortune partly due to government created inflation.

    The SALT credit is a repeal of Trump's policy the ended federal tax credit for paying local taxes. A major benefit for high local tax areas which are overwhelmingly Democrat led. Another win for Democrats it is a way to manipulate conservative areas that loath the idea of high local tax rates. Because the draw back for lower local tax rate areas is they are more dependent on the federal government returning federal taxes for public works like roads and schools to local governments. Whoever is control of federal grants to local governments can then hold those fund hostage to get local governments to implement very unpopular policies or else lose the money. Fed school grant money is attached to mask mandates for example. It is a work around for centralized governing control.

    That is one of the biggest rackets going on in USA government taxing people then using the promise of a return of some of that money to extort them into adopting policies or laws. Policies or laws that are suppose to be the jurisdiction of local governments and the people who live in them and not the dictates of a centralized authority. It goes totally against the spirit of the 10th amendment of the USA constitution.

  15. Love your videos Russell, please look into the Elon musk tax issue. They are saying you need to pay tax on unrealised growth – say his business grows in value by 50 billion he'd then have to pay an extra 25 billion in tax on top of the other taxes he has to pay. This pushes some people to be forced to sell stocks in their business to fund tax payments. Now who's the real people in control?

  16. Kind of disappointing to see you go down this road. Referring to unrealized gains in the same way you would liquid cash, ignoring the actual amount of money in play here compared to the budget, not going into necessary details about the tax system or the scope of governmental authority, ignoring the impact such a grab would have in innovation and the larger economy, letting everything lie on a simplistic argument of "It's not fair" that has been beaten into the ground. You know better, and this is disingenuous.

  17. people who are emotionally malformed (capitalists) claim that the desire for wealth is natural , they are blind to the fact that they are so far behind they think they are ahead .

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