Third Debate Rigged Again, Changes Topics, Trump DEMANDS They Bring Back Foreign Policy Debate

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  1. That's all the left knows how to do other than Manipulate, deceive and project, Is to change rules, change laws and even change definitions in the dictionary to suit them at any given moment and it's all solely for power, profit and control.

  2. Every time I hear somebody say that those emails were hacked I just laugh because that's not saying that the content is false you are admitting that that stuff is real all you're saying is someone hacked to get that information

  3. They got found out on 3 different moderators. They need to let Trump decide one moderator to make up for the debate commission getting caught numerous times showing their extreme bias and putting it in practice. Trump should have demanded an investigation of these crooked liars.

  4. 1 give equal number of questions to each candidate.
    2 whoever is asked the question gets the last word.
    3 no time limit, they can go back and forth as much as they want but the ending words are those of whom the question was asked
    4 they have mute buttons for each other

  5. He should not do it. Tell them to F off. If Biden's camp wants a debate, he can do it on a public stage uninterrupted. If he can't meet trump on equal ground, then he's too weak and pathetic to be president. And the Trump campaign should directly say as much.

  6. I believe the American people are well aware what the democRATS and the corrupt vile msm…big tech…Hollywood are up to! I trust the American people

  7. Honestly, I think Trump should bring a bullhorn to the debate. If they cut his microphone he can just speak into it. His opening statement should be about the laptop, how it was left at a computer repair shop not hacked, Hunter's lawyers asked to get the email back, and then go into everything he has done over seas while jabbing at Biden's failure. Bring up the changes of the subject and rules. Having the horn ready to say Biden is wrong or lying as it comes up. If they want a clown show, bring the fing circus.