THIRD Former Scientist Pleads Guilty To Stealing American Biomed Tech Secrets For China

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join friend and fellow podcaster Jack Posobiec to discuss the THIRD instance of a scientist pleading guilty to stealing American biomedical tech secrets for China.

Guest: Jack Posobiec
@JackPosobiec (Twitter)
Human Events Daily podcast

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. America – is more like mini- psycho-catholic medieval society- with its intrigue and trade secrets. I mean atleast natives were easy to understand and by their means of attack. Whatever America is today is more like am medieval society wit trade secrets and lies.. and nonsense, whilst china openly does attack and steal, none of it is modern acts or communication, and when a large populace out numbers a certain group and time and time again in history has created problems and chaos inside other groups or nations… its time too look at the picture.. What is and why do we label secrets?

    Trade secrets. It exists because its related to the the Han method of warfare… So the Hans utilize paper money and the hellinstic sense of belief to control the populace on whats value. IE a paper hockey card worth… 19 million dollars… is absolute illogical nonsense and anyone in that frame of mind is a retard and a danger to society by their motivations and system of confused belief, so in a sense peoples acts or relation to value tell us much about the market and predators and the attacks going on in society. Nothing is relative to freedom. the businesses took over the states, refer to the IRS taxation changes… The foreign psychos from Euro region and other places.. utilized the states and hunted down and killed people with gold.. So what we have is HUMANS utilizing the state ike nomads to take from people, the use of the state is perverted to typically extend n nomad fashion kill in their regard and then migrate what they want in to do their bidding… nothing about modernization or progression, that simply happens.. So secrets are typically protectng humans right to have a life, since india asia and many other human groups have wielded their cruelty and market or nation to undermine and steal the profits or life of someone else since money is needed as an exchange… Thus society because dark and ignorant by those means… Then we have th entertainers take over and rob the house also in its own way… so simply put intelligent logical gentle person.. simply studying nature and application thereof.. when their needs are met they do no behave in this regard, but when private merchants and other groups take over a living system they attempt to force their merchant mind set unto the whole world like a religion, or the fiat money worship…. These people have a vested interest in keeping their empires and theft rings and cruelty and crime. So anyone ration or reasonable would be destroyed unless they violate laws or and become self serving like the lot of them…

    The economics of the system create these problems…nonsense drives and movements… that haven logical value to exist but simply do… IF you are a great businessman you often we then have ap leather of retarded females chasing you, spies, just endless nonsense that is dysfunctional form the unit… So technically the military type community has benefits of order and but it too has its own secrecy…

    There are many humans on this planet including me that had things stolen from. So the rich get richer because it enables crime to utilize money as an ethereal man to destroy pillage/ rape and raid societies simply by having such a thing. Which people do not understand… Paying for sex… is literally the same thing as rape its not a business its not even natural. people really don't understand it.. but its a strange world of beliefs.. and the cause andreation to those acts.. completely nonsense… yes.. india and asia.. isolate and monopolize the markets.. whereas we are to simply do the works of a system… a living system… christ is a pagan religion like the old worship cults of singular emotions.. which has nothing to do with christ.. who spoke the truth of the pharisaical jews at the time. Truth… is the thing that cuts down bullshit..

    Nothing is hidden on this earth… every human walking on it is naked… all their masturbations, jokes, lies and nonsense.. but why do people grow or acclimate to such groups….

    If you just behave as the normalized society is you blend in.. and gain its power.. if you behave as a person in opposition to error and for truth… there is nothing or will of the system that will in the human domain like you.. Since.. truth in the human sight constantly reconfigures to its correct function, thus shoudbe immune to the dogma and imaginations of men.

  2. Fuckin dual citizens, I'm sick of it. There's only two countries that we CONSTANTLY have to deal with their espionage and you cant mention either of them

  3. That is treason.There is a lovely picture of the gallows with all the conspirators hanging of the Lincoln assassination in D.C. that is so apropo.Treason is not what it used to be.

  4. They should be convicted then executed. That's the punishment for Treason. You'd have to give Democrat party the same treatment. They're an enemy from Within. The Domestic Communists are A bigger threat to us than Chinese Communists.

  5. John Michael Posobiec III is an American alt-right and alt-lite political activist, television correspondent and presenter, conspiracy theorist, and Internet troll. (Wikipedia)

    Hate when Google and wiki try to slam people in this way

  6. Jack’s point at the end is extremely valid. In 2008, it was Occupy Wall Street. The target was the top 2%. Then along came Obama and the gender/race wars and now it’s the gender wage gap that everybody’s fighting about… The other 98% needs to unite against a common foe…

  7. This is an epidemic in the last year or two like the Toebbes in Maryland steal nuclear secrets for don't know who but more than likely an adversary China or Russia is my guess. People who provide that information to our enemies are enemies themselves and should be treated as such. They should be imprisoned till there kids kids won't know who they or maybe shot that might get the right message across. Sounds desperate but so we're they

  8. You make your own antibodies and those are used to treat your own condition. Been around as a treatment for centuries now white ppl cannot have it based on their skin color. Sick.

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