Third Party BANNED From Florida Ballot

Back in 2021 the People’s Party issued a press release touting their triumph at winning ballot access in the state of Florida, the first state where the party had achieved that feat. But then the state’s Democrats and Republicans stepped in, using an obscure state law to deny the People’s Party from running candidates on the state’s ballots. Now the People’s Party is fighting back, suing the state and the DeSantis administration to strike down the law.

Jimmy speaks with The People’s Party’s Nick Brana about the ongoing battle in Florida and the larger challenges facing third parties in the United States.

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  1. Parallel systems will have to be established alongside the existing system because there will never be a possibility to "use" the current system in any realistic way to serve the People. There will be a war required whether you like it or not. No wholesome idealist strategies can coexist with the bureaucratic behemoth that is implacably entrenched. You can continue to think concepts like "democracy" or "elections" actually exist as more than ceremonial performances and mesmerizing mass delusion but you are just wasting your time if you do so.

  2. A legit 3rd party would hail the extinction of those two corrupt dinosaurs and open the door to many new competitors. We're repeatedly told 'competition creates excellence', so we'd have to assume excellence is not what the current two-party corporate sellouts are after.

    Jimmy – Nick's decision to wear a plaid shirt is not something I consider comment-worthy, but thank you for having him on and exploring his views.

  3. Check out Diane Sare in New York. She was running against Chuck Schumer and they slipped a provision in the budget to require non party candidates to get 45,000 signatures. All non Dem/Rep parties got thrown off.

  4. This party sounds like they failed to follow the law in regards to (1 year). Why is he even in your show Jimmy? You never asked when his party was officially created.

  5. This seems like the same kind of bullshit they pulled to keep Robby Starbuck off the ballots. Part of me wants to say that all parties should be abolished but I think that might make it a little bit more difficult to trace the lines of alliances. I think even still, the people should come together and implement laws on the unconstitutional governments we have.

    Also they did try to “me too” Elon Musk very recently as well as even more recent than that, there was another one but I can’t think of who it was that stepped out of line.

  6. Both republicans, and democrats will absolutely agree to keep their establishment privilege, and this means “people” are being put in the position of having to select between the two establishment parties, and their choice, now becomes all you get to select from…

  7. There is nothing written in the Constitution about political parties. Political parties are parallel construction, they are mafia, they are mob rule, criminal organization, sedition, and high treason. They are to usurp the Bill of Rights, Federalist papers, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. America will never be free if America keeps believing in these political parties, or the idea of pollical parties.. You people bit ch and complain about the country while not seeing you are the problem.

  8. John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

  9. overseas local media claimed Ralfh Nader was starting a 3 party becourse americans was tired of the 2 party system.
    was a 2-3 secund secment.
    And it gave me a schok becourse our local media has CIA cencurship written all over it..
    But now and again the report something that doesnt completely support the narretive.

  10. The only hope is for all people to drop there Afileation with both parties and register as independent, then write in a candidate who is not in either party. Just deny both parties all your votes.

  11. Maybe we need signatures on a petition to get rid of the parties that take money from anywhere except $2k limit by individual legal voters in their own district or state!!!

  12. When it comes to establishment parties I refuse to vote, when you are only offered establishment parties turning your back on them and refusing to vote makes your non-vote speak louder than an establishment vote.

  13. Honestly, I think we're past this whole voting bs. They're leaving us no other option than revolution. Why do you think they're amping up the cops everywhere. They know what's coming and they're insulating against it.

  14. They (Repubs and Dems) set the rules on what is, and what isn't, allowed concerning ANY who dare to challenge them in these phony-assed elections. Basic fairness isn't high on either sides agenda, not when corporate "donations" are at stake for those in power. So WTF, how about another pathetically distracting Zelensky and his wife photo-op, to pull at our heart strings, while those who control this sold out empire (is there any other kind?) rake us over the coals for another trillion or two, in insuring their domination of the world. It makes one really (NOT) want to root for their success in succeeding.

  15. Stop bringing Nick brana on. Push for the people's party without Nick Brana. The evidence and affidavits are crystal clear and Nick Branas sexual assault case that's pretty damning.

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