Third Rate Romance (Amazing Rhythm Aces Cover feat. Josh Turner and Skylar McKee)

Yes, we had a lot of fun making this. No, we’re not sponsored by Lagunitas.

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Skylar’s channel:

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Mixed by Carson & Josh.

Acoustic guitars: Danner D-ADM built by Jesse Danner (Josh), 1959 Harmony H-162 restored by Morris Rowell (Carson), 1975 Martin D-18 (Skylar)
Recorder: Zoom H2
Camera: Canon SL2 w/ 24mm f/2.8 lens

Written by Carson McKee


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  1. Guys ! I’ve been a huge fan of the Amazing Rhythm Aces version WAY back in my day. But you guys nailed it !!!

    Will keep an eye on you going forward, really impressive ! Vocal and instrumental SPOT ON.

  2. I would like the music industry to be arranged so that these fellas get all the money just sit in this space, make beautiful music, and share it with us. Someone take care of that, please.

  3. I'm binge watching now guys ~ I'm hooked on the harmony❣❣❣ You guys have such beautiful voices and they blend together so perfectly. I have followed Carson & Josh for a long time but this was the first time I heard Skylar ~ wow! Great job Skylar ~ you are blessed with a lovely voice too ❤. Thanks for sharing ~ this is on my daily watch list❣❣❣ Hope to hear much more from you three 😀💞👍👍

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