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  1. The most infuriating part of this is how anything trump did was “bigger than Watergate” but when faced with a scandal that truly surmounts the cover up that was Watergate the media is silent and the activists on social media just shrug and make excuses.

    Republicans need to push on this when they take the house and somehow broadcast the proceedings like the Dems did on the J6 committee.

  2. Rogue fbi ,lol
    No, it was a way to circumvent the law, because it's illegal to do it WHILE "working" for a government institution.
    They Solomly swear there up to no good…

  3. It's called they want a civil war
    You want the people to rise up against the government and wipe their asses out and start a new government a new form of government based on our constitutional rights and based on God when we straight away from God that's when these people took over it's time to get this people out of office and replace them all every single one of them need to be replaced

  4. You are never released from these oaths, so if you ever find yourself in a position to swear into Public Office or the Military think about when you are swearing to do

  5. CAN YA BELIEVE IT!. Criminals obey our laws Like Politicians follow their Oaths of office. Regardless of the state you reside in, When you comply with unconstitutional violations don't be surprised at the constant levels of tyranny you receive. To defend our liberty, We need to understand the “four boxes” of American liberty: The soap box, The ballot box, The jury box, and the Ammunition box.

    So far the first three "boxes” of American liberty:have Failed.

  6. Crime of the Century ……Lets pull off the mask of these men who proclaim themselves men of Honer and importance . Lets end their delusional Egos and make them pay the price of their criminal freedom….Tear of their Mask….RAM ON!.

  7. If they were acting as "rogues" they would've been fired (loudly). Rogues aren't the problem. Can't you see the systematic Beast system at work. There'll be no drawbacks to corruption, treason, lying to Congress or rigging elections unless the powers of heaven intervene.

  8. You know they will go further next time… Trump will have to have his food checked veeeeery carefully before he eats it if he wins the next election considering what these FBIdiots are willing to do.

  9. The gallows are going to be a very busy place once law and order catches up to all of these traitors. I will be happy to see it all play out live on t.v. after we take that from the lefties like we did twitter. More L's coming your way commies. Better wrap those smooth brains of yours around that happening because it will. Be sure to get all your boostahs while your at it. reeeEEEEeeeee!!!!

  10. So, can someone pin point just exactly when it was we became the most ignorant population on the face of the planet? I mean here we were riding the American dream the world envied and suddenly we we are the laughing stock of civilized society. I mean they don't even hide it anymore. 4 years of Mueller shoving nonsense down our throats mixed in with the Kavanaugh fake rape and the Epstein "suicide." The Durham probe slides into oblivion while Hillary giggles her head off. The FBI now dictates politics and controls social media. The department of Homeland security throws open the border and FTX funnels millions into Democratic coffers while billions get sent to Ukraine just in time for them to fold to Russia. We elect a senile criminal to the most powerful position in the world while a drunk house speaker puts McConnell in her back pocket. A supreme court justice can't define what a woman is and a drag queen reads to our children. Wow! Next thing you know the Constitution becomes toilet paper and America ushers in the Mark of the Beast.

  11. I've said it once and I will say it again and I will say it on my deathbed if I have to there is an enclave just like the one in Fallout controlling the government from the shadows and they're just trying to hide themselves because we're getting too close to finding them out

  12. The Gov is just a muppet for the Oy Vey tribe that pulls the strings. If you sit long enough in the comments on any site, you can tell these people are monitoring, influencing and censoring everything at a diabolical level.

  13. Sadly, it changes nothing. No major leftist "news" org has published a single scathing report on these revelations. Until the leftist media reports on this, the division in the American people will survive, and leftists will maintain control with illegal immigration, and their leftist votes.

    I used to be naive and think that America could never fall. There would always be politicians and patriots to defend our country. Then 2016 happened — all established cable media and Hollywood was exposed and revealed as being the propaganda arm of the DNC. It was then that I realized our entire government and culture is against We the People.

    Then covid hit, and I saw how weak humanity was, and how willing the most free peope in human existence were to surrender their constitutional rights to the federal government. They wore masks and locked themselves away from life and happiness, all to appease the communist government propaganda.

    Then 2022 elections happened. This affirmed that the people are more than willing to be nothing more than mindless sheeple, perfectly happy to do as their overlords command without a shred of independent thought or judgement. ALL of the polls said red wave, yet the utterly unintelligent, ignorant voters turned up and voted DEEP blue.

    Humanity will not survive the next century. Civilization will collapse, and a natural disaster will ensure the few survivors perish. Calling it: humanity will be extinct by 2,100 AD.

  14. The American people aren’t willing to do anything about the out of control corruption. American life as we know it is on life support. Why would things ever get better when Americans won’t defend their own country?

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