This Changes Everything

At the World Health Assembly next week, the WHO will meet to discuss a “pandemic accord” that would greatly expand its powers. Nothing to worry about there. #WHO #WorldHealthOrganization #Pandemic

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Written by Russell Brand


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  2. A bit of info for you Russell, do you know who/what Klaus Schwab's father Eugene was?

    Klaus’ mainstream media and academia propagandists have hidden his Nazi past in a blizzard of awards, WEF programs, ghost-written books, speeches, interviews, honorary professorships and doctorates from all over the world.

    AFI researchers have dubbed Klaus “old sourpuss” because he almost never smiles. Now we know why. He knows he is a fraud—a circus barker who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth whose heart has nothing good to share with the world.

    CIA archive documents show that Escher-Wyss and Sulzer were being directed by the US Department of Energy and the State Department. This would logically mean that Klaus Schwab was a triple-agent, working simultaneously for: (1) the CIA-MI6-UN British-Americans Pilgrims Society, (2) Nazis (now Germany), and (3) Switzerland.

    Do we really want a triple-agent lying spy running the “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”?

    Escher-Wyss was one of the largest employers in Ravensburg, Germany.

    Escher-Wyss was the first city in Nazi Germany to practice eugenics principles to murder “useless eaters” emerging from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (something like the National Institute of Health in the US, or Tavistock Institute in the UK).

    Contrary to the propaganda stories about Ravensburg’s lack of war-making industries (as the reason why the Allies did not bomb the city and its Escher-Wyss industry), we discovered many Ravensburg unconfessed sins surrounding the Schwab’s and Escher-Wyss.

    Besides parts for ships, airplanes, submarines and power plants, Escher-Wyss brokered flame throwers built in their Zurich plant and sold to the Nazis. This information comes from the US Archives. This would have been handled by Eugen Schwab with a then about 5-year-old Klaus at his side. They also supplied turbines, compressors and propellers for Nazi ships and submarines, as well as gas turbines for powering the war machine, in addition to their nuclear technology.

    Escher-Wyss exploited slave labor (Jewish, Russian, Gypsy, homosexual, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish), as well as Allied POWs. Being a National Socialists Model Company, this would certainly have included Dr. Josef Mengele’s biological war crimes (“The Angel of Death”).
    Likewise Bill Gates' father Bill Gates Snr.. was a Eugenisist –

    What is truly amazing is how the mainstream media is so intent upon just accepting whatever Bill Gates says and his entire agenda without the slightest bit of investigation. They just hate Trump so intensely that they do not care what the agenda is behind Gates’ global assault on the economy, arguing we will never be safe 100% without his vaccine, and his insistence of vaccinating the entire world.

    None of the mainstream media seem to even think this is a wild agenda. All they have to do is look at Gates’ father and his elitist view of eugenics which drove him to be the head of Planned Parenthood. Why will nobody in the media even look into the subject? Do they assume they are one of the chosen few that are in the elite class with Gates? Do they not care that the entire eugenics movement of the Progressive Era was outright racist?

    The American Eugenics Society (AES) was one of the leading theories of the Progressive Movement which emerged out of socialism at the turn of the 20th century. It was founded by the famed eugenicist and conservationist Madison Grant (1865-1937), who was an American lawyer, writer, and zoologist. Madison Grant’s book, The Passing of the Great Race, was devoted to an attempt to give the meaning of history through his view of race. Grant looked at civilization by race, not politics or language. He argued that European ethnic groups such as the Alpine and Nordic races were superior. This book was first published in 1916, and it formed the foundation of the American Eugenics Society of which Bill Gates Sr was a member.

    Grant was joined by other leading thinkers and activists of the Progressive Era which included Harry H. Laughlin (1880-1943), who was an American educator, eugenicist, and sociologist, Henry Crampton (1875-1956), who was an American evolutionary biologist and malacologist (branch of invertebrate zoology), Irving Fisher (1867-1947), who was the famous American economist who declared the stock market reached a new plateau in 1929 before the crash. Fisher was a very active Progressive social campaigner. There was also Henry F. Osborn (1857-1935) who was an American paleontologist and geologist.

    It was Osborn who articulated the entire Progressive Movement with its subset of eugenics based on conservationism which saw that reducing population would further civilization and that those who were poor were really holding back society. This was the common view of the time being put forth by the elite, that namely heredity is superior to influences from the environment. Nobody could be educated in reality, it was all heredity. Therefore, Osborn expressed the view of the AES that distinct races existed with fixed hereditary traits. He concluded that the Nordic or Anglo-Saxon “race” was the highest. Osborn supported eugenics to preserve “good” racial stock which is why he endorsed Grant’s book writing both the second and fourth prefaces for him.

    The AES described eugenics as the study of improving the genetic composition of humans through the controlled reproduction of different races and classes of people. This elitist end-goal remains that of Bill Gates despite the fact he will not come out publicly and state that he is focusing on India and Africa for this group has long viewed them as the bottom of race within society. This is why he is so obsessed with population control…….

  3. The puppetmasters for this administration continue to succeed in setting up worldwide, not only policy but, law that insidiously is being woven into the fabric of society.

  4. No, nothing changes, unless we as individuals give up. Ask yourself, why do we have to obey, something that is unworthy? Why are you going to give up your freedom, just for a few they signed an agreement? Did you sign it too?

  5. Thanks for putting these videos out. I must admit that I presumed you to be a flake. You have proven my presuppositions, false. You are reasoned and wise. I thoroughly enjoys your takes on world events.

  6. NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO and NO!!!!!!!!!! Gates,Schwab, CDC,W.H.O and the rest = 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  7. THE MORE CONTROL THEY HAVE…THE MORE POWER…THE MORE MONEY$…LEADING TO MORE CONTROL!! It keeps going in a downward spiral like a toilet bowl flushing.

  8. Government responded

    This response was given on 27 May 2022

    To protect lives, the economy and future generations from future pandemics, the UK government supports a new legally-binding instrument to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. How could the 'Mark of the Beast' ever become a reality? If not already. Via this.

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