This Could Get Even Worse

With the increasing amount of media banned, defending freedom and democracy sure seems to require an awful lot of censorship.
#Censorship #Russia #Ukraine


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Two-faces of Great Modern,
    Young-Thinking Democratic Leadership
    2014 edition: For noisily protesting Ukrainian policies
    in Maidan square in Kiev, I show my solidarity
    with the citizens of an oppressed regime where
    people are imprisoned, fined, have bank
    accounts frozen and passports confiscated!
    2022 edition: For noisily protesting my policies
    in the square of Ottawa. I shall be imposing
    draconian marshall law, imprisoning citizens,
    freezing bank accounts, confiscating passports
    and issuing heavy fines to all these terrorists !

  2. japanese americans being put in internment camps was bizarre. they should have just advised japanese americans to leave their cameras at home whenever they ventured out. people used to find it funny that japanese loved taking pictures, but during the war it became suspicious. so that's why they were interned? yes, it was their love of the camera

  3. You must of seen that kid and mum killed.. on the floor arms covering the face… no blood… a video was released they got up after the main cameras were done filming.. nazi Ukraine. .. and of course video has gone..

  4. That's the reason they're going after Christians and conservative groups and what we believe it is based on the truth God is truth and Justice. The truth shall set you free.

  5. The anti Russian hatred started long before 9/11. It started during and after the second world war, by the US, because of fear of them, because they wouldn't do as they were told. Can you see what the future holds.

  6. Russell hasn't addressed the real issue underlying censorship – due to the political divide created in the west, many many people have the idea that those with differing opinions are actually either too dangerous or too stupid(literally) to handle any misinformation, hence it needs to be censored. We've lost faith in the intelligence of our fellow humans, wrongly.

  7. The first casualty of war is the truth. "They" are not done with covid, not by a long shot. If we fall for that again, this is all for nothing. I know I'm going to be in the streets with no fucking mask on flipping both birds even if I'm all by myself. And I probably will be except for the thousands of "counter-protesters." What a fucking joke. And Americans have already forgotten the invasion at the southern border. That bill will be due soon.

  8. Russel I just watched a video of a french speaking woman walking in Maden square in Kiev (their independence square) showing that everything was calm there and how BFM and CNN jurnalists, wearing bulletproof jackets standing in front of a couple of scattered barricades were reporting frantically that the situation was tense and dramatic…all the while people walking by with their groceries and cars riding in the streets with no problem. She said she has approached the jurnalists to ask why they were wearing bulletproof jackets and reporting that war was raging in Kiev and they got very annoyed with her telling her to go away.. if there's a way, I'd like to send you the video, it's really worth seeng.

  9. Get away from the big companies buy things grown and produced in your local community even if it cost a little bit more your investing in your neighbors in in their lives and in their freedom and in your community support your local police officers hold everybody to accountability you want to keep your freedom you better start living that way. Don't use your money to buy things from people that can't stand you.

  10. At this point we can clearly see we are being corralled into acceptable thinking, individual thought and opinion is no longer acceptable…. How do we reverse this path we are on, as I don’t see another route open to us!

  11. Biden is the war criminal ,, forcing Russia to retaliation why do you think they fixed the election in the U.S ,, to cripple the world economy,, you will own nothing n be happy!! When you’ve lost everything n in debt! The great reset
    Do you research people were being lied too!! New world order!! Pure evil n Boris is our puppet!

  12. The Russia stuff is annoying, I am supposed to "pick a side" (aka Ukraine) for this war but remain ignorant about the countless other genocides around the world. I am supposed to pretend that these Russian sanctions are for the sake of some moral good when the same countries denouncing Russia are involved in providing fire-arms and weaponry to genocidal regimes.

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