This Country’s Insane COVID Policy Just Got Much Scarier & Now This? | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Australia continuing with it’s disastrous Covid Zero policy. In addition to it’s insane coronavirus restrictions and Sydney lockdown the nation has also begun construction on quarantine camps. The government also released it’s frightening plans to de-anonymize social media by linking people’s social media accounts to their passports and giving police access to it.

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  1. what the actual f*ck! Why are people losing their back bones!!!! I'm so sick of hearing people backing down! Grow some balls and stand up! It's concentration camps all over again! BullS**t!

  2. I guess submitting to the Australian Governments gun buy-back program isn't looking so good anymore? This why my fellow gun owners and I in the United States will NEVER give up our guns!

  3. Just when things seem like they can’t get any crazier they get crazier. The blatant tyrannical behavior of the western governments is unbelievable and should terrify everyone if left unchecked

  4. One of the first statements in this video is “I don’t know what’s going on…” and yes, that’s correct. Disappointing that Dave didn’t do any proper research before going to air with this information. Complete furphy.

  5. I would hope if this stuff is tried in the states that it will result in the massive insurrection people have been talking about the last two years. I think the breaking point is near and as far as the sheeple are concerned just stay out of the way.

  6. Couldnt agree more…..we are quickly running out of time to stop the mass murders currently happening. This jab will go down in history like the biggest genocide ever,together with midazolam care homes murders in uk and remdesivir in america. You in usa still fail to realise fauci and rest of them are no different than dr menghele and co….we are fighting the fascists here in europe while you still listen to your demented donkey in white house and letting them destroy whats left. Where are the protesting americans? Where are the men with a back bone and a spine? How many more have to die or be damaged by this gene therapy before they come out? Talking is not going to help….they are just going forward with their plans… took me a laptop and a day to see and prove the whole world is owned and controlled by 3 corporations,everything…..biggest are blackrock and vanguard….they even own each other….massive cob web….they own literally everything….and we are still scratching our heads…..conspiracy theories bla bla….its FACTS. We are in WAR without guns….YET! The sooner we realise that the better chances to save anything these lunatics havent destroyed yet….but yes….we are running out of time and fast!

  7. Step 1: Make camps for the safety of public health.

    Step 2: Say the virus isn't controllable even with the camps because of those that have not got the poke.

    Step 3: Say you need to change tactics to get ahead of the pandemic. No longer just putting the sick in camps, but also those who won't comply to the poke.

    Step 4: Use new social media rules to silence dissidents and get complete control the narrative.

    Step 5: Now you can round up people who are too hard to subjugate, and silence any family or loved ones of theirs that may complain in public.

    Step 6: You are now free to do as you want with those who wouldn't fall in line. Those that break may be allowed to do an apology tour, those that don't will "be lost to this dangerous virus" while in the loving care of the camps.

    Step 7: Enjoy the ruling over a population of the compliant. Some out of the fear they received from your narrative that you have complete control of, and others because it's better to fall in line than end up like their hard headed uncle, may god rest his soul. The former are especially nice because they will call you a hero for "saving" them from the unclean.

  8. Bunch of week pussies. I wonder how they will explain to their children why they didn't do anything. (Respect to those who are resisting. It must be hell for them to be the tiny minority.) I'm sure the camps are for those who will speak out against the government. And not to forget the bush fires: the government was hugely responsible for them and people let them to get away with it.: 1./ they banned the controlled fires for farmers, which is a general practice. 2./The media mentioned few times, but in general tried to hide the fact that the police was searching for 118 people in connection of starting the fires. 3./ There was a climate change conference where people were openly talking about starting fires to "raise awareness". Last year I kept saying: this is the year to test the loyalty of the arm forces in every country. UK, France, Germany, Australia etc. That's why they had some of those stupid rules to see whether the police would help the government to enforce them. And as it turned out in most places the police turned on their fellow citizens immediately, without any hesitation.

  9. A couple of days ago I watched a video on rebel news where police were surrounding a synagogue to stop Jewish people from praying. Now look at the camps they are building. Australia has one of the lowest death counts from Covid worldwide. Scary shit…

  10. This remind me of when I was young girl in China. Many shelves for food. But empty.
    That second part about saying you must comply because you say acceptance makes me wonder what people are thinking>.<