This Didn’t Age Well For The FBI…

So, it seems Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI lied under oath.


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  1. Every "department" of the government, especially the FBI, are unconstitutional and need to be dismantled.
    They are treasonous enemies of the American people.
    If you work for the FBI, I strongly implore you to get out, go find honest work and retain your honor and dignity.

  2. If Trump or Desantis somehow win 2024 by beating universal mail in voting (doubt they can), I hope that they dissolve the FBI on day one in office. Since the agency was created by executive order, it can be destroyed by the stroke of a pen.

  3. Even though it wasn't mentioned once, this vid has the clovis seedy sea warning at the bottom. Obviously showing YT is involved in the same type of disinformation campaign as old twitter. Oh and Wray should be in jail.

  4. They're still doing it with YT. Comments still massively land in purgatory, and today I got 2 quickly deleted, even though nothing really special was in them. We're just NOT supposed to mention specific subjects.

  5. and nothing will change, this will get memory holed by the masses, referenced by the "conspiracy theorist", and applauded by the people behind the soon-to-be next Christmas day false-flag distraction like the past 2 years. Last year I think the biggest one was the car through a parade, year before was the "Nashville solo suicidal car bomber". I wonder what the FBI has planned next.

  6. As a side note: who is overlooking FBI? Is it actually so that FBI is overlooking FBI and that FBI is the government enforcement organization in case FBI would find wrong doing which would require action?

    This is interesting when you consider for example the 9/11 and how FBI obviously orchestrated it since they helped to cover it up, and even though it was an obvious crime (and a false flag) in which FBI killed something like 3000 Americans, nothing happened to FBI.

    This just makes me wonder that "Is it even theoretically possible to make FBI accountable for anything they do or would do?" Like if FBI is itself the organization to oversee AND act on misbehaving organizations, FBI is immune from all misdoing since it will never accuse or prosecute itself.

    In other words – is IFB both the final judge AND the final police of all law? If so it is immune and wouldn't face any consequences even if it would just straight out kill 90 % of all Americans tomorrow.

    Also, if this is the case it is safe to say that IFB is running all kinds of illegal human experiment programs in US and doing basically what ever one can just imagine.

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