This Didn’t END WELL! Media Narrative HILARIOUSLY Debunked Almost Immediately!


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  1. If these people don't like us Whites so much, here's a solution: GO LIVE IN A NON-WHITE COUNTRY, But oh wait, them you won't have all the perks of living in America now would you?.

    I am sick and tired of this Blatant Racism towards us Whites for no freaking reason, We have no freaking perks of being White, but you Dems/Leftists have loads of perks cause you have the corrupt media and an angry mob on your side, YOU are privelaged, not us, LEAVE. US. ALONE.

  2. Thank you for finally mentioning Timothy Simpkins. I can't stand seeing the "if he were black" argument when those very same people making that argument never heard the name Timothy Simpkins. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. 6:00 i am looking at those arrest/charge rates to the number of times convicted and as a white dude i have to ask:
    where do they live and what is their lawyers' name?
    i have a 100% arrest/charge/conviction rate and have been spanked many (all of the) times… as a white dude.
    i want to be black if i was to commit crime again. i won't, because i can't change who i am. GOT"EM!

  4. If he were black he would have never been charged, he would have been a hero to the left, and those attackers would be called the white supremacists. He was only arrested because he was white.

  5. How could white male privilege be so prevalent the guy actually got arrested!! He was brought through the wringer! He was already considered guilty by the media!! Anybody with half a brain cell so the courtroom proceedings and they saw all the evidence brought forth and if you do have the other half of that brain self you would see that he acted in self-defense I'm not saying this is a white person!, I'm saying it as a martian okay! The evidence was presented heat was found not guilty!! These nut jobs right after they found him not guilty some of the crap that they said on some of these news shows I specially The View and you know those kind of garbage shows, it's just unbelievable!! Please people who live here in the United States look at some of the shows that the view has done on people being found guilty okay and not guilty and people that they backed and people they wanted to see lynched in the middle of town square!! This is probably one of the most cut-and-dried self-defense cases I've ever seen!! But then even still they find a problem with it I am writing this just after that stupid Nutjob drove into a parade for a lot of children got killed and a lot of people got hurt, how do you people feel about the verdict now? Come on this guy behind the wheel of the vehicle they work just following what you media idiots kept saying after the verdict especially that stupid freaking Behar!!! She ought to be charged for murder after the fact! We ought to start doing charging these media talk-show hacks it's after the fact accessories to murder!! Hey Joy let me see you talk your way out of this!! What would you say to the parents of the children that died Joy? You big mouth piece of crap YouTube Whoopi you're freaking The View program should be flushed down the damn toilet! Oh but of course you read something like this from somebody in across the country do not you know they don't like what you say and all that and here we go you'll get up on your stupid pedicel and talk like a complete idiot I didn't cause this! You Rich Little Women, you're causing 10 times more harm than good!! Do me a favor why don't you do what most freaking celebrities do in the latter years of their careers! Stay the hell off the television keep your freaking opinions to yourself and just fade away!! Go away!! Your opinion does not mean s***! Only to the psychos that's in your freaking audience!! The only reason why they're clapping so freaking loud they want to get on the camera! I say again has been go away just fade away please do not tell us when you are going to fade away we just want you to do it and shut up while you're doing it!! Good riddance!!! Let's go Brandon!! God Bless America for every conservative out there!! They would be shocked shipless if they ever found out that the little amount of people that actually like them!! One more time, let's go Brandon!!!

  6. Should be called white disadvantage, not white privilege, are you kidding me, facing life in prison for defending yourself doesn't sound like privilege to me.

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