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During the pandemic we saw the biggest wealth transfer in history! There’s definitely no co-ordinated effort to ensure that those kind of things happen…right? I’ve been talking to Peter Goodman, the author of Davos Man: How Billionaires Devoured The World about how some of the richest people benefitted from the Covid crisis. #pandemic #covid #wealthtransfer
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This guy…. he believes in the corruption… but NOT the lies and corruption qnd damage this jab has done to humans…. wow wake up buddy… you don't get it ..

  2. Thank You Russell for having such flexible perceptions, able to consider all perspectives and not get rigidly attached to them as well as Transcending them and coming up with luminous/heart based solutions🧡

  3. “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”

    ― Aldous Huxley

  4. I had quite the little Frankie Muniz moment the other day when this dude who calls himself a spiritual OG shot caller was talking about snoop dog as I illustrate where the rubber meets the road

    “Yeah I actually worked with that guy before. Like I totally worked on one of his music things! I could tell ya the name of the song and you could like.. totally YouTube the day I worked with that guy and watch the edit of that day!”

    I didn’t mean to shut the guy up! I was just sayin!

  5. Truth, we need a revolution. Sure we can direct it at our politicians, but they are only puppets of the billionaire class. The revolt should and must be brought to the homes and live of billionaires. They need to brought to heel in no uncertain terms. Show up at the Bezzo’s or Gate’s residence and shot will change in that very moment. We protest everything else based on their propaganda, let’s take it to them directly.

  6. Ate a Bill Gates McDonald’s double quarter pounder burger 🍔, yesterday, and was sick all night long. The worst part is that it came out with hair pressed into the meat, like actually in the meat. They re-did it for me and I still got sick. McDonald’s used to make decent food. Well, decent for fast food. Now, with Bill jerkitoff Gates at the helm, it really sucks. May God bless us all, Amen 😇

  7. When the last time anyone looked at the WHO website??? They have it on there the most sever case of COVID use steroids & fatality rate is less than 1%. They killed endless ppl for no reason. I told everyone you can’t force oxygen down lungs closing down you absolutely have to use steroids.

  8. Great Podcast! Great Guest! And you Russel, I watch you couple a times a week, you're so smart, and the same time, súch a good listener, the latter, a real skill. Took me years, to learn, just to listen. 💙

  9. Make no mistake, this is a well preplanned, well thought out, organized plan from the beginning to take advantage, and continually bilk the masses with less to fill the the pockets of the rich to even richer richness.

  10. "I don't put any stock in the theories that have held up things like vaccination…" I don't put any stock in what you have to say then, old man. You didn't say anything everyone doesn't already know yet you were sure to show your devotion to the Fauci Ouchie. Good luck with the boosters, I hear they're coming out with an omicron specific shot in September so don't miss that.

  11. Steve Menuchin was a gift from Kamala Harris. Steve donated to her campaign which made her super happy with him. When it came time for her to prosecute him, go figure, she decided against it. Two party illusion.

  12. Hello Russell brand thankyou very much for sharing this Video thankyou Russell for your YouTube channel exposing the turth about The powerful governments and politicians and the mainstream media and news. RUSSELL I love you very deeply. Iam 26 years old from Australia. Russell brand I Trust you. Russell tommorow iam six years Out of my Domestic violence experience with my dad and his wife. My way out was taking my dad to court. Russell when I left my Domestic violence situation my family told me to shut up when I tried speaking About what I went through Russell I Started watching your YouTube channel talking about The news and the governments and politicians. Russell you helped me find my voice. Again thankyou for sharing your Conversation with Peter. Russell I stopped watching Mainstream media and news in 2020 and Russell I lost trust in them. Russell I started watching Kids cartoons and your YouTube channel. And yes I agree with Peter the fact that the Powerful profit from human being suffering. Is Disgusting and Inhuname. Russell I live with family who do watch mainstream news and media it's difficult they Trust what mainstream news Say. And it's difficult when I try to Talk about What you say Russell or Anything That is different from the mainstream Narrative. Russell I think it's sooo Hard Not to think the Suffering like the covid 19 Pandimeic and the Laws and rules aren't Made just for the benefit of the Powerful because soo often they do twist the Universe to male a dollar of people's suffering. Russell brand I Do think that Us all Being called Conspiracy theoriesit And Certain News stories or Facts about News stories being called Conspiracy theoriesit is Just a Example of a Person in Powerful position Not wanting to admit that there maybe some Truth in that IDEA or fact that they say is a Conspiracy theoriesit. I think that Conspiracy theoriesit Is just a Short name for a in the week after that Conspiracy theoriesit will be a Fact. Thanks for sharing this Russell

  13. Small mom and pop businesses which form the backbone of many small towns were locked out of their source of income generation and had zero bail outs while large corporations were given help!

  14. Yeah, well Russ, I know for a fact that this panda-emic has done far more damage to the fabric of our society than is commonly known, at least for me and mine. Where I am staying for the time being it’s a very different environment than before that lab enhanced economic hit man showed up! Apparently this nothing to do , but plenty of time and getting paid! As well as strong discouraging messaging about going out needlessly, caused a very to me unexpected Shit Show of a result. So I’m not savvy enough to do what apparently the entire neighborhood give or take, are hacking have hacked or are mid key stroke as we speak, hacking into more residences and using internet and all kinds of creepers sh*t. Yeah, they got me to and some people must hate me for some reason. I’m not really anyone. But yeah, it’s a Mutha F*KA but I don’t know what exactly or if it’s even assailable but,nothing like this ever , until that traveling lab enhanced Chinese Panda -bear. Popped up on the world’s stage and and kicked off what I can only describe as a shut in style type of social bridge burning, engineered to do serious damage to our social structures, the basic foundation of what type of mindset creates success! It has been all but eradicated and I am under the impression that they may have delt us that mortal wound.. not ever designed to be an instant death… far from it! these folks need it.. to make others suffer.. I am just saying what I feel.. I just don’t know what else could be a motivation , hell they already have all the wealth ! Just saying..
    P.S. My Apologies Mr. Brand! For not responding back , I want to but I’m kind of a. Shut in. And your a very vibrant energy out there.. and for me it’s a lot😅😇.. plus all my correspondence is viewed and sometimes removed completely..😤. Neighbors can be sooo boring! 😅😇

  15. You cant make any sense of moneysystem before you know the backsystem allassets on planet are controlled by Kim Goguen Christian Romanov Bloodline and the frontoffice of Fiat money by Khazarian Maffia Rothschilds Satanic perverts SPEAK Project 2 is LIFE FORCE Earth Allinace Space Force and Galactics gaining control on the frontside of the system again

  16. I have a simple question for anyone willing to reply "Is it or isn't it, time we destroyed this whole system?" A simple "Yes" or "No" would suffice but feel free to go as deep as you want, i'm genuinely curious what people think!

  17. This is the true problem Capitalism isn't a thing anymore… Its just big conglomerate corporations that own and control everything rather than small businesses upstarting and becoming a wealthy successful business its all franchises and everything is owned by companies like BLACKROCK

  18. He's wrong about the vax. The plandemic was not only about testing control and sheep adherence to authority, but it was about getting that poison injected into everyone to save on healthcare in the future by causing people to die off faster. Nothing but "useless eaters" to the elite.

  19. Every time I watch this show I'm just amazed at how everything myself and many like me were called conspiracy theorists for in the beginning is now being talked about by so many. 😂

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