This Ghoul is Still Bragging About Her EV…

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) is way too happy as she brags once again how she was able to afford an EV while most Americans are still getting pounded by gas prices.

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  1. The majority of Americans use gas for their cars and for her to say gleefully how she drove by gas pumps and the price didn’t matter is so ghoulish. I don’t understand how a person can be so insensitive and then double down on it.

  2. Michigan citizens: please Senator, we are starving, don't have clean drinking water, and half the state use unemployed.
    Senator: Oh no! Anyways, did you know that my Chevy Bolt is awesome?

  3. Yeah Karen cause I’m sure ever American just has 26k just lying around just to buy an EV that’ll get you made fun of by Mahk from Zebra Corner but hey…at least you’ll have potsch

  4. Ha ha you simple worthless peons. An electric car is pocket change to me with my connections and access to gifts and back office deals that I am entitled to as an elite elected official.

  5. I see Chevy Volts on the side of the road because their owners are too busy smelling their farts instead of making sure the charge will take them where they have to go.

  6. – pretty sure it takes all kinds of oil products in order to produce an EV. Even if everyone switched to them tomorrow I have heard that the power grid wouldn't be able to support it. It's so weird that they keep treating us all like we just hate the planet and are just refusing to give up fossil fuel. There simply isn't any working replacement for what you can do with Fossil fuels yet, or we would be using it.

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