This Guy’s Either CRAZY…or He’s RIGHT

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  1. He had to act crazy because it truly is crazy times. The most divided time of my life and I'm about 60. Common sense is your enemy in order to exsist in today's society. Scary part to me is you can see what's next if you just read a Bible. It's been going just as it said it would. Oh it gets so much worse.

  2. In a time of the most readily available knowledge in human history people have become more ignorant than ever, most are to lazy to research anything media spoon feeds the populous and just takes it as if it were sent by the way of God himself, divide and conquer has already started here and unfortunately it has been supported by those in places of power and influence for personal gain at the cost of citizens of the United States and all over the world because if the US fails to overcome this shadow that has engulfed the nation the torch of liberty and freedom will be extinguished……

  3. Jim has mastered his multiple personalities and I dig it! I have multiple personalities too, and I'm still learning how to control them. It's very difficult. He's an inspiration to me now. Indeed.

  4. I will not call another human being "King", unless it's in insult. I like what Randell is doing in the community, but the school part… I've been jaded by schools way too many times… But I hope well for Randell, indeed.

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