This Insane Moment Was Caught On Camera!


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  1. This is how most the modern left feel about the common folk.on camera and nothing will happen.msm won't tell about and her fellow democrats support her actions and sadly most republican are cowards.the majority should be impeached from their cushy jobs as the truly don't care about every day Americans.

  2. I don't know……..don't get me wrong, I'd love an opportunity to throw peloci under the bus, but the girl doesn't even seem to respond.

    maybe it was more like when an adult tries to move a child by grabbing their shoulders and kind of moving them, but she just used her elbow??? for instance, watch the biden sniffing kids videos. those kids clearly have a reaction to what he's doing. if peloci had excessively hit her, I feel like the kid would have reacted more to it.

    but, I've been wrong before. the will smith slap, I was on the fence and ultimately decided it was genuine, until I saw an old movie clip that depicts the exact same scenario, beat for beat. the announcer even says " wow, blank just slapped me" and the person who slapped him after returning to his seat then says "keep my wife's name out of your mouth!!!" to which the announcer responds to "it was a joke"………….. so yeah, that was fake. but I don't know, just trying to be fair.

  3. Demons cannot stand being near or touched by pure righteous beings. Who is more pure than a child in a loving family. They certainly earn their nickname Demonrats. What a disgusting individual. Talk about 2 extremes. Either they don't want your children near them or you can't keep them from grouping and sniffing on your children. Parents just do yourself a favor and keep your children away from these Demons.

  4. Nancy looks at her with her fake smile n with a fist n then she shoves the child. . Fake nasty witch. ""look closely"".
    Still waiting to see her husband mug shot to be shown on news. Fake family.

  5. This video reminds me, people keep talking about how much of a narcissist Trump is.. What the fuck was that then? He just said, out in the open, that kid looked too good to look like himself. Is that what narcissism means now? Making self-deprecating jokes? Last time I heard, making jokes like that was supposed to be unhealthy and caused you to be depressed.

  6. Democrats: We care sooo much about the children! Why, we'll do anything to protect the children because we love them! And abortion. Yep., we love abortion too!

  7. I love how little lady stood her found and didn't even acknowledge the with. Just stayed focused and well behaved but didn't move an inch. It's emblematic of how we need to move when electing our representatives. America First candidates only.

  8. Justice would be Nancy living out her last years in a nursing home, with all her awareness intact but financially broke and (in wheel chair), on meds, no booze…, totally dependent on aids and "common employees" no private Healthcare workers, no relatives visiting, no gourmet ice cream, eating what everyone ate. Wouldn't that be payback?

  9. Dude come on… That wasn't a shove, they were lining up for a picture, if she shoved this kid it looks totally accidental, cause they both are lining up for a picture, she has no reason to shove the kid. Quit reaching for dirt, it just sounds lame

  10. I will try to get this out, because i always wanted to say it to him, if not over to Rush Limbaugh as a caller, but online. I am usually a lot better writing what i mean than saying it. Though i am better at listening than at reading 🙂 I wish i could have spoken to him on his Birthday, because that was also often a troubling time for him. What i would have liked to tell Rush was how much i saw him grow, from a self aggrandizing arrogant prick in the early 1990's into hands down, the most compassionate voice on radio. Rush grew in his soul with his life span. I wish i could say the same about myself. We all need to say that about ourselves, but how many of us can really claim that?

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