This Is A F*cking Disgrace

The CDC bought data from tens of millions of phones to see if Americans followed lockdown orders, and wanted to use date for non-COVID-19 purposes too. But vaccine passports couldn’t possibly be used to spy on us… you conspiracy theorists! #CDC #Covid #Pandemic


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I can say the navajo nation still enforces the mask mandate as well as the hopi tribe, the hotel i work with was housing PHS for some time and had me questioning whether they were really there to help or collect data on the covid and the compliency levels, and to tell you the truth it worked to a scary extent, because the people are not as educated as the rest of the world, were more gullible to put simply, now since covid a lot of them have been tamed into puppets working for the nation/state relying on big brother/U.S to help build and modernize the natives, to drive them away from their religious beliefs to the christianity faith. As well as drive them from governing their own people to rely on the Govt. To rule us here.

  2. I may have seen court processes over and over again and the collection of revenue it makes but I’ve never seen any justice in this life for in this country we are all presumed guilty at the door unless proven innocent which is a rareeeee occasion…I would like to see some justice in this life time so I know what it looks like…and yea try and imagine evil mr brains plot for world domination gru in despicable me gives one a clue…

  3. I've never scanned I've deleted the app twice when it's auto download. It's none of their business where I go and I also don't take my phone every time I go out. Right from the start it was clear this wasn't about health it was about control

  4. 'If the government mandates and issues cellphones to every citizen thats when I stop using one' paraphrasing what he said here but the government doesn't have to do this. It's essentially already happened in our modern society. Try living without a smartphone in this day and age and you'll find it's damn near impossible to get anything done.

  5. Just watched the pizer document release on the Redacted YouTube channel. Crucial information blanked out. I know many people who can not and will not open their eyes to the truth. But we are being taken for a ride at our financial & health expense.

  6. I love my universe, the one where RB is loud n proud bout sharing his insights/ wisdom in his purely natural way, well seasoned with clever humour – how we lucky are we to have RB!! My fav source of global info & going ons, delving into things with curiosity & laser eye – i feel enormous gratitude for RB.
    🌿 So deeply helpful for anyone with 'eyes n ears'
    🌿 Thankyou RB for all you do… 🙏💕💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏
    (I vote you one of the Chiefs of our Tribe)

  7. It could be an idea to buy a second cheap phone for various government tracking bullshit and another for your actual online social and research activity. In recent years some sort of ID has been required to register a new sim card, at least with major providers in my country. Is this the case in your guys countries? and whats the best way around this? I know the youtuber 'thehatedone' has a lot of good content on how to stay anonymous online. Like and Reply to this comment with any useful information and resources of how to stay safe, secure and private.

  8. I wish I would see a majority of comments at the very least that were pissed off, shocked or something?? Other than kissing Mr Brand's ass! It's going to get worse and were already way behind in changing the outcome! Talk about acting on climate change before it's too late? ha! Ppl really if there was let's say half the citizens keen to their agenda there still wouldn't be a thing that could be done. Ask all those that voted for Trump. If 90% of ppl were on the same page and pissed, ready to take matters in their hands it would just mean a huge drop in population on our behalf. These ppl have the power to play God. They can release virus, plagues small nuclear devises buried deep down along fault lines, earthquakes, tsunamis, not to mention more high tech weapons that you would take for god like powers, stuff that's been kept from you ever knowing about. What about Ai all intelligent all knowing everywhere and nowhere how will it be stopped? Progress sometimes means performing a u-turn or find yourself so lost you'll never find your destination. Yeah first have a destination in order to have smart progress. Running blind always ends badly.

  9. If data collection was created by our tax dollars(which CDC are funded from tax payers), we should all have access to tracking CDC, gov, etc as well 🤨

  10. Has anyone else noticed that a price for the advancement of technology, has been the loss of privacy and freedom.

    You can no longer take a proverbial 'shit in the woods' without a (Google) satellite capturing it.

    That private, secret, special retreat is now all over all social media platforms and tagged with graffitti.

    At the same time, they rewrite history in their attempt to 're-right' / correct historic outcomes.

    They herded everyone out of reading physical copies of books to become predominantly dependant on technology, therefore losing the personal intellectual sovereignty of all mankind.

    In all things, balance, but our reliance on tech is completely out of kilter.

  11. Been saying it for years it's the phones if we get rid of our phones then these c..nts can't track us or know our business. We didn't have mobiles in the 80s we managed without them then yeah im here now but with how many !!! Like he said its a f.king disgrace if i wanna go up the woods and play with myself who the f.k are these c.nts to know my buisness .

  12. Thank YOU FOR REPORTING ON THIS THANK YOU FOR LISTENING to the universe. Zen titan please meet the colossal Titan Elon musk and get this oracle database taken out. M02c synergy must be stopped.

  13. This is their endgame. The WEF holy grail is the m02c Microsoft oracle llc database. They plan a takeover of everyone via a "great hack" scenario to blame on someone like their written "pandemic scenario in 2010" that happens oh no! These scenarios are in the Rockefeller Foundations:
    (Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development) check reply
    They will blame someone but its really the (agenda contributors) of the World Economic Forum. Bill gates talks about someone causing the great collapse over and over well there's a backdoor there into everything we do on any electronic device or transaction. Every app every customer every business, student, citizen, person, sentient being. This is a mega database that the world's systems run on. It probably developed your operating system or program or device. Well it has a backdoor only accessible to it's architects and prominent members into the world's operating system and it needs to be known NOW as it's being implemented into our government departments. Salesforce to run public medicare operating systems for example. Check procurement of AWS and Salesforce and Oracle Canada ulc contracts and procurement. They are integrating this pre made database of us into the government then they will use it to activate the internet of bodies (ioB) World economic forum is obsessed with this concept of hacking peoples free will with methods of control and educational brainwashing programs. Limiting development except for those with privilege. That's their answer to a sustainable world.

  14. They haven't got the rights to go into our personal info on our phones. The word Control in their name seems to be giving them some kind of obsession with "CONTROL".

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