This Is A F*cking Joke!!

Last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner is now being labelled a “superspreader event” after a growing number of attendees tested positive for covid. As usual, it’s OK when they do it!
#WhiteHouseCorrespondentsDinner #covid #TrevorNoah #Biden


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I live in Florida, we havent worn masks in over a year and honestly i have only seen signs of the vaccines on billboards, CVS, Walgreens, and doctor offices.

    I had ppl condemning me the last year about being a believer of the original definition of vaccine before they changed it during CV19. A vaccine creates an immunity to a disease, those vaccines are shots like for the flu they do not create an immunity.

    I had CV19 two times and had no issues nor did the upward of 50 ppl over the whole pandemic that i know who had gotten it. The vast majority did not do the shot, none went to the hospital and the age ranges was a newborn to ppl in their 70s.

    In 2020 and 2021, i made quite a few visits to the hospital and the wait was just as long as usual. I have IBS and it causes severe pains, my gastro and i got it under control now. The hospitals were not full at least none in the Fort Lauderdale area which is one of three of the largest populated areas and i went to 4 different hospitals. No issues at any of them. No i do not work there nor went anywhere beyond the ER.

    I honestly didnt understand for a long time why ppl were still talking about it, why they were condemning me and then i realized i am in Florida and our governor recognized early the lies and didnt let his ppl be mandated by them. Thank you DeSantis!

  2. He was definitely not like Brand, going Brand Is Sucking Them Off Again! 😅 I Love the Goldsmiths…. I'm not a rwaliy of the Puppets I got given… 🤣🤣🤣 Brand. Hwhat do you have to offer other than spunk saturated words? You absolue, definite liar

  3. It was made quite apparent very early on that there was something nefarious at play. Anyone who dared to go against the narrative was silenced, shamed, censored, cancelled and threatened with license revocation. Never once was treatment or therapeutics discussed, it was all about the vaccine. Oddly enough, Pfizer had compiled enough data from their research and development of their vaccine, to be able to apply for EUA in May of 2020, two months after the first death in the US.

  4. The end of this starts by running out every last Democrat along with 99% of the so-called Republicans. Trump was the real deal when it came to the success of not only the United States but all of our allies. Love him or hate him he laid the groundwork to protect our children’s children’s children’s future but that was all washed away overnight. I’m no cheerleader by any means I just follow the facts. He was exposing the corrupt every day left and right but was completely silenced by the establishment. If any left wingers read this could you tell me what’s so radical about the right? Anyone radical proposal you can think of in history of conservative Republicans would be greatly appreciated. It’s just so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that there are people in this country that are opposed to protecting the our country, The constitution, God, guns, life and freedom. There is absolutely nothing outside of that that conservatives believe in or push for especially in modern times. When the shit hits the fan just remember these are the core values of the people that the left are being trained to hate because you will be begging for all of them back. It’s really quite simple, since we have subscribed to this idea of money and there’s no turning back people are just going to have to suck up their activist driven hurt feelings in order to keep this thing alive. Sorry to go on but one more thing, what I find hilarious is how virtuous left-wingers portray themselves to be. You people are so divided within your own party it is mind-boggling. You are a party completely driven by activism and think that you get to pick and choose on how extreme you are and where you stand when in fact you are all under one umbrella. If you are dead center left it is still you cheerleading for second and third trimester dismemberment. It is you allowing men in womens sports. It is you looking to destroy the nuclear family. It is you cheerleading for no borders, no Bible, no home security, no homeland security i’m sure you get the picture, these are all of your teammates you are all on the same team with the Marxist communists socialists and so on. This is it even the tip of the iceberg. You people couldn’t stand each other for five minutes in a room before violence broke out. What makes you folks think that you are not guilty by association? Pure ignorance?

  5. The chicken littles believe everything they are told, having depended on others for most things in their lives and they have limited ability to discern the truth from lies or choose for themselves any longer.
    Until it begins to hurt too much, then they may wake up and recognize the rosy state of our global realities created by these world leaders

  6. I have said this for years. The people in government are actually no longer US citizens because they have the cream of the crop insurance, make tons of money, and don't have to worry about anything actual citizens do. It's disgusting.

  7. Their excuses why it's ok is even funnier, ~i held my breath while hugging or the hug and kiss was done in less than 15min and the always good one is, your not sophisticated enough to understand covid so you will get it but we wont…nothing but hypocrites

  8. It means all you sheep swallowed their bait willingly just like most of the sheep are following there lies about Ukraine and that Russia are the evil bad guy's.

  9. do these people who attended this event watch the news? (personally I dont) but this time in American history, world history… is not the time for top tier wine, Cuban cigars, lobster from Maine and Grass Fed Beef while acting like life is a grand affair and the world has a bright future. Its time to mourn the loss of lives pray for those who are in complete misery and be humble… but maybe Im old school

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