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Joe Biden will reportedly visit Saudi Arabia regarding a deal over oil prices. Yes, the same Saudi Arabia he called a “pariah” during his election campaign. Hypocrite?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Talking about moral crusades let's not forget the whole climate politics (where now every microgram of CO2 released into the atmosphere is portrayed as killing humanity) or the whole of identity politics.

  2. Reminds me of the absurdity of people thinking Ukraine could win the war! For half a century the whole world was scared they couldn't take Russia on, and now piddly Ukraine should do the trick?! If Russia wanted to, they could just obliterate the country in a day.

  3. Please listen to Trump's to the snippet the media repeated a million times embedded in the speech, at least with the previous and following sentence, and then tell me if he was inciting to violence! You, too, say a sentence and precede it and follow it with so many others to make sure you're not misunderstood.

  4. The exact same thing happens in Australia. They say anything before they're elected then do nothing after they're elected. There's no accountability. They just get away with lying constantly.

  5. Russell Brand has built up a massive YouTube following of almost 6 million subscribers by playing on people's fears and emotions. He is constantly seeking out the most negative news stories from around the world and using them to create clickbait content that preys on people's worst fears. In doing so, he is profiting handsomely from the misery of others.

    While some may see him as a harmless comedian, the truth is that Russell Brand is nothing more than a digital con artist. He relies on shock value and fearmongering to keep people coming back for more, all while lining his own pockets from the ad revenue generated by his content.

    Every time I watch him I feel depressed and hopeless. Here's a solution: stop watching the news, including Russell Brand, and get off YouTube. You'll be better informed and less likely to be taken advantage of by digital predators like him.

  6. President Trump Had all of the Leverage and Biden absolutely Zero ability to to get any help from any Foreign country .. He gave them the power to Disrespect the Nation who Made Them oil Rich .. Solar power is more than enough energy to get power at no cost .. All he DNC DOES LIE LIE LIE … I'm not Stupid and I have 33 years experience in The Miltary and The Industrial Complex that Controls them with 7 or 17 levels of Top Secret clearances above the Commander In Chief !!
    Eisenhower warned Us .. JFK warned us and was assassinated for His Due Diligence .. Yet here we are with the Geriatric, Sociopathic PSYCHOPATHS with DEMENTIA and ALZIEMERS in the most important positions of power In this country !!

  7. Many people, including myself, use to say "promises made, promises kept" about Trump and it was largely true. People said they had never made that comment about a politician in their life until Trump

  8. Love your channel Russell, I have been here a while! It did do me with an amount of frustration though, what are we supposed to do about it all once our eyes have been opened? I don't love my captors, I'm not happy being passive, I want to take action but what will be most effective?

  9. Who is aspiring??
    Even sheep are fed up with most international spin-offs of “the West”!!
    There will always be a quota of the population that will be sheep but I don’t think we can change that… but the good thing about sheep is they go wherever the narrative goes.. they don’t think.
    So changing the narrative is the most important thing!

    I’m Australian.. I’m 72.. I was not brought up with a positive view of say, Americans and Brits.. my dad hated Americans bcoz they didn’t join the war til Pearl Harbour was bombed and supplied arms to both sides, came for too many R&R stops here and used to “steal the women” bcoz they had money to buy perfume and stockings ..whilst Aussie men were queueing up in the War years during the depression to get a day work on the wharves or wherever they cld get it to put food on the table.
    And when the post war immigration program started from Britain to Australia.. (Brits cld emigrate here for £10.. ) they never stopped moaning about the heat, the flies and all that “sand on the beaches” which annoyed the crap out of them… their beaches didn’t have sand apparently.. I mean I think sand is better than rocks and pebbles but I’m not British.

    But overall as an Aussie born in 1950, I grew up with a v bad pic of Americans.. then Kennedy was assassinated, plus the Cold War with Russia, plus Korea, then bloody Vietnam.. so yeah.. my opinion only got worse after that madman Bush lied and invaded Iraq and destroyed the cradle of civilization and 5 countries, their population, culture, archaeology.. sooo angry when they did that.
    Still am

    America has always held the view that we will invade and make war with any country we like.. but by hell no one else can invade a country!
    The hypocrisy is gob smacking! 😳

    I worked in Embassies overseas for over20 years and whilst many Americans are nice people they had a God complex..-‘and thought they cld do whatever they want.
    Afghanistan fixed that.
    So I’m hoping they emerge as a better society.. who have learned they don’t own the world!.

    We get our views from the era we are born, our parents and what history shows us .. but mostly from thinking outside of main stream media and seeing the bigger picture.
    At some point the next generation has to take over.
    Let’s hope they learn from history!

  10. 126 years ago, you didn’t have to ask permission from the government to: Collect rainwater, go fishing, on a property, start a business, build a home, get married, hunt, own a weapon, cut hair, sell a product, protest, or sell food. You can virtually do nothing without being extorted by the government and obtaining their permission first. If you still think you’re free you’re deluding yourself. You are just a free range human living on a tax farm

  11. Acts 14:16

    1 John 5:1-7

    Acts 10:38
    how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him..

    Acts 11

    Diseases will happen from the beginning and to the ending of life. We have the choice to not choose vaccinations at all to use the immunization system that God has given to each of us internally.

    Wickedness all around us…
    Remember: John 3:19-20

    Job 13:4
    Mark 5:26
    Rev 22:15
    Jeremiah 46:11
    Hosea 9:7
    Psalm 103:3
    Luke 4:23
    Matthew 9:12

    Acts 7

    Acts 16

    Psalm 101:8

    Job 9:24

    Job 9:2-3

    John 1…Jesus' will be done!!!

    John 2…Jesus' way with you!!!

    1 Timothy 1

    Titus 1…

    John 3…See the Trinity!!!!!!

    Jeremiah 17:5-7 …Cursed be the man that trusteth in man…

    James 4:7-8…

    John 5…Jesus is alive!!!!!!

    John 6…Jesus' picks!!!!!!

    John 7…Jesus is taking we believers to heaven!!!!!!!

    John 20:21-23…

    Titus 2:11

    Titus 2:13-14…

    Titus 3:10

    Matthew 27:45…

    Proverbs 6:16-20…

  12. Well non of the us news online matches one or the other. Time to look at news from other countries by other countries. Oh and funny isn't it that the two countries being the biggest leaders in oil manufacturing are at some sort of war right now. Both enemies of each of those countries seems like someone else is actually behind it. Oh and how is it that the US had done sort of cyber attacks not that long ago on the east coast and now Saudis oil manufacturing processes are getting damaged badly by yet another terrorist group none of us have seen and another war happening over in Russia. If the US put a stop to the attacks on our side well why can't we do the same for Saudi lololol. It doesn't count if ones own country attacked their own selves in an attempt to not look like the instigator behind another countries problems is just a thought. Its as if we are actually having a world war at the moment just a very quite one.

  13. Best commentary on international affairs in the media. Quite right .. time to wake up and stop giving our power to politicians crooks gangsters big business and conventional “wisdom”. Time to get real and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.🌞

  14. Every day Zelensky is less probable to survive as the Ukrainian leader. He has played one of the last cards his Ukrainian government could think of, which was to keep the Black Sea mined until his SECURITY is assured. He most likely is looking to be extracted from Ukraine before the Nazis kill him, or the Russians capture him and put him on trial. Every day his world becomes smaller.

  15. Very well summarised. Have you seen this video of this Canadian humorist who was making fun about people who didn't want to have this injection. She was "vaccinated" she thought she was protected but she falled down on the stage in the middle of her show. Public first was laughing but after they realised that something went wrong.

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