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this is a scandal

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  1. Everything is upside down, Jackson. Everything.
    We the sheeple of the west have been massively conned. We've been conned to believe black is white..
    Small example: What's the most corrupt nation in the world? Don't answer. Wait. Consider:
    What is 'corruption' ?
    It is like rust. When steel turns to iron oxide. An unplanned, unwanted and destructive change in the integrity of a system.
    So we have a western democratic rule of law system.
    And we see countries where the police take bribes and politicians take bribes and judges take bribes and so on. Lies and double dealing where there should be honesty. Changes in the 'integrity' of democratic rule of law.
    So we call that corruption and sneer at that country.
    But those changes are not unplanned – everyone in the country knows that if they can get any of these jobs then they'll be able to help themselves to these perks and they covet and vie for those jobs because of that.
    They are not unwanted. People these opportunities as valuable in some instances, as necessary even, as desirable, as even quite natural because they often reflect the way things have always been.
    And they are not destructive. It is typical in tribal communities for the chief men to hold the best jobs and to use the perks of office, the bribes and such, to collect greater wealthy which they then disburse preferentially to their own tribe. The system sustains that tribe.
    Those countries are not 'corrupt' according to real definition. They simply use a different system. That different system they use has not been corrupted. It is perfectly fine. It retains its integrity. Simply because it may be misnamed as western democratic rule of law doesn't mean it is corrupt.
    But take us. The western rule of law nations.
    When bribery and malfeasance occur in our societies this is what? Planned? No. Quite the contrary. At least ostenisbly.
    Wanted? The population from top to bottom would devoutly, hands on heart, swear these things are not wanted.
    Destructive? Well yes, funds are taken out of circulation, naive innocent plans are thwarted, the real goal of the society – open democratic social progress – is totally blocked.
    Right? It is WE who are corrupt.
    Because is it WE and only we who live in a constant state of delusion. We think we live in free democratic societies according to the rule of law etc. etc.
    And we don't.
    We live in societies whose integrity has been radically compromised.
    We are corrupted. Entirely.
    And the most corrupt of us all?
    The United States of America.

  2. The US government and MIComplex thrive and enrich themselves on violence, chaos, death and destruction, mass-murder for profit, debt slavery and countless other crimes against humanity, all at the expense of we, the people. The greatest threat to world peace is now and has long been the USA, itself one of the greatest scams ever imposed on humans anywhere. The idea that this country is a democracy or a benign hegemon is laughable, at best. Instead, it is a clear and present danger to all life on earth. And the people at the helm are demonstrably and obviously insane. We should not only all be worried, we should be acting to affect positive change before it is too late for redemption and we're driven off the cliff.

  3. This is disarmament. The only one with weapons will be the govt agencies. Once they are the strength of power, they will turn those weapons on America's citizens who disagree with the regime.

  4. Here you go, Jackson: Rand corporation clearly showing the USA has been playing Europe as a patsy.
    Quite deliberately fomenting war in Europe and not just to hurt Russia but to hurt the whole of Europe.
    The whole of Europe. Especially Germany.
    I've said it myself. The greatest fear the USA has is a joint Germany/Russia. they'd make a powerhouse that would put the USA in the shade.
    On Redacted. Watch from 42:00 to miss the preamble.
    Everyone should spread it around.
    At least that section about the Rand paper.

  5. I don’t hate USA as country, but I do think all this bloodshed happens all over the world is USA responsibility , they choosing confrontation rather than using their influence to making this world a better place, USA politicians as to know one thing they behaviour will making countries resisting their arrogant behaviour, peoples worldwide hate USA because of reckless behaviour of their politicians,

  6. This fellow TC is certainly talented and sales his talents to the Masters for some of 27 mil a year. Here and there he makes some sense, but if you really want to appreciate his lack of truthfulness, watch his program in white washing queen and UK empire.

  7. Ella it is a scandal because I've been laundering the money and then the the weapons that they send they take almost all of them set 20 or 30% of them and sell them on a black web so that's where your money is going it's going in Ukraine's pocket Europe's or whatever you want to call it and anywhere else we need to check see what our social security money is going too cuz I looked on social security website and it showed where social security is having to send $60 over in Cuba to a single person and more family they're sending $100 of our social security money it was right there on the website boy I clicking on that and I'm pissed off I don't know who the hell that I didn't think they are their ass better bring it down about 10 notches

  8. Money, legal tender, it's their gas station and you're the ⛽ don't think so ?, They're counting on it, spent a lot teacher us. 😳, Don't expect them to come out and tell you but they do, police and military at their " DISPOSABLE". DEMOCRACY HASN'T ARRIVED because we're too busy servicing inanimate objects oligarchs like the queen own. LEGAL TENDER…of US.

  9. When y'all text us no wonder you are raising the taxes up by the administration quit acting like there's something wrong with you in the head yeah that it is it's called money crazy that's what's wrong with you that's why you act like you ain't got no sense sometime or you don't know where you at maybe it's all that dope young I don't know you spending so much of our money you got to stay dope cuz she feels a guilty about all that money you spend an hour you don't erase taxes up on everybody people's groceries I don't care what we buy you got to triple attacks it and raise gas prices up then take our gas and send it over there to Europe and China you crackhead you better quit it damn button as a damn people sick of you you can't do no better than that step down and let somebody else run the country

  10. The reason he's doing that he's trying to demillitize our country where we don't have no weapons whatsoever so they can take over this country and make it a one world order and if he's not stopped that's what we're going to be in a one world order and people think that they want a one world order in our government's going to keep them up that's not the way it's going to work is a man that explain what they were doing and what they were up to he's been watching them for years and keeping up with everything they're doing and somebody that goes to the summit is telling him what's going on and yes they want instead of making like they did years ago the Democrats made them slaves but we got blame for it in the South but the Democrats is actually the ones who made the slaves cuz there were $10,000 a piece poor people in the South couldn't afford it but see they couldn't get no votes and in 1964 they changed the history so they can get votes a short head cuz nobody didn't want to vote for him check it out yourself and see if they didn't change history 1964 now they want to try to do this one more order that man said he want that the people from other countries and Biden not just biting himself all the Deep State Democrats up there wanting to make a slave all the American people they want to make a slave so that's what's going on and that's why they're trying to get rid of all of our military equipment so they will have nothing to fight them with that's exactly what they're doing and that's what he said and that's why I get up all the farmland so they can starve us to death too he's not planting all these all this crops and if he does he sends them to other countries because he wants America to be a one world order and that's what that man said he has proof of everything of it

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