THIS IS A TRAINWRECK | The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

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THIS IS A TRAINWRECK | The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

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  1. Dementia Joe shouldn't be anywhere near any position of power…he should be in a nursing home.
    Kimmel is STILL painfully unfunny.
    The audience cheering for creepy, corrupt, demented lying Ol'Joe makes me physically ill!

  2. Things didn't get sensationalized when Trump was president, right? If not for the media (who was biased in Biden's favor) he would not have been elected at all. Sensationalism is all the mainstream corporate media does. It's not as though they work with facts. I mean, Kimmel just said how many times he voted for him during the introduction. Is that what passes for NON-sensationalism?

  3. americans are not voting for a guy who cant speak and belongs in a nursing home , ruins everything he touches , lies about everything, and will be in his 80's to run agains….like having pelosi around for more years….yuk….FJB FJBF JB FJBFJB FJB FJB FJBFJB FJB ……HE CANT DO ANYTHING RIGHT EXCEPT FOLLOW THE EASTER BUNNY…..WE ARE DONE WITH COMMIE DEMOCRAP FACISTS TURNS EVERYTHING TO GARBAGE…NO THANKS

  4. Rising US inflation Back-Fire Fu@k Criminal Liars Bidden Shameless Looters Thieves the NATO Nazis Terrorist Coward Leader hiding Behind Ukraine🇺🇦-war, now all entirely are Sufferings from Foods Shortage with Poor Cold Hunger Homeless Price inflation Oil/Gas – Karma Always Wins😂🤣

  5. This made me cynically laugh. How 33% and my family this corrupt melting brain goon is doing a good and running the country in a functional capacity scares as to how deeply indoctrinated into America's propaganda they are.

  6. The whole biracial couples ads is actually a problem, because its ONLY biracial couples now.
    I haven't seen a white couple in a commercial for years now.
    It's just unrealistic, but it truly does play into the liberal agenda.

  7. Biden was an idiot when he was 35 and nothing has changed. He made no sense then…and hasn't in the 50 years he has been elected by the crazy people in Delaware. He is a bigot pedo that has caused thousands of deaths in Ukraine.

  8. Thank God something to distract me from stories about Donald Trumo using the constitution as toilet paper.
    It's such a relief to see that not everybody follows the programming of the evil mainstream media.

  9. This Biden guy has difficulties getting his message across..needs an interpreter perhaps? Kamala Harris simply has no message. The Romans would have called an interregnum and elected a dictator to oversee fresh elections.

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