‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo

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Australian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger has dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and shining a light on inconvenient facts that often contradict the mainstream media narrative. In this episode of Talking Post, Pilger sits down with SCMP chief news editor Yonden Lhatoo to discuss the war in Ukraine, the West versus China and the plight of jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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  1. Great journalist. People like Pilger, Ritter, Mearsheimer, Cohen are assets to all who seek truth. They are best history has offered the humanity.

  2. I listened to this attentively with eyes shut, and I had to ask myself …… "why have doubts come to my analytical mind" on what I hear, yet presented in such a persuasive tone. I will have to listen on any of his new talks and also check any of his previous presentations.

  3. "has dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and shining a light on inconvenient facts"…. hero, who bashes the whole western media as a monolit, of course defends Assange but forget to mention that freedom of speech or media in Russia doesnt exist for quite some time now. im revereed by his objective analysis

  4. I'll say one thing and one thing only. If you ever lived in a country bordering Russia that has a history with Russian invasions over the past 4 centuries you would thing very differently. It's easy for journalist, politicians to talk about the current conflict without understanding people, politics and history. I am Polish and I wholeheartedly understand the Ukrainians and support them 100%. Russian claims against NATO, EU and central European nations like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and now Ukraine are absolutely unfounded, bizarre and frankly absurd. Until you walk in our shoes you have no clue what you are up against.

  5. What is he babling about. Donbas is a strategically important place, so if taken back by Ukraine (it is Ukraine), Russia would be at some risk? What a total ignorance!

  6. Let us hope he is right and Russia is indeed going to be destroyed. That would be such a service to the world. Imagine world without the most aggressive empire that killed tens of millions of people. And the next could be China, which is even worse and even more dangerous.

  7. The British have always been the leading espionage and propagandist, then came Joseph Goebbels who refined propaganda to include the full spectrum of media to control and brainwash an entire public. US propagandist picked up on these tools but didn't have full implementation until after the Vietnam war, but totally up and running by the 80s, ready for Panama, Granada, Iraq, Yugoslavia , etc. etc. each time the public found out they weren't given the full story it had little affect on memory, again and again misinformation, again, again, the believe the opening story… need more teachers of journalism to tell students about independent reporting, and John Pilger is the best of the best.

  8. But John, you're using the wrong lingo yourself here. You keep calling it an "invasion". It wasn't and isn't one. Their help was urgently requested by the DPR and LPR, what choice did the Russians have? Ukraine is their little brother, especially the Eastern part of it. It's a "liberation" if anything. This is what the vast majority of DPR/LPR citizen keep calling it. Because it is.

  9. Completely agree with Pilger but just staying sceptical doesn't actually fix anything. Politicians are always going to lie, use spin, use propaganda. But politicians lack morals and ethics, in many countries. We are meant to learn from history, not repeat it. Anything that results in the killing of innocent civilians in evil. But it gets mixed in with propaganda from Putin and the USA and that creates doubt. How? Killing is wrong. You shouldn't fight evil by doing evil things. Simple as that. How are some of us justifying that? One country should not ever invade, manipulate or destabilise another. Countries should concentrate on their own backyards before trying to force their will and opinion on others. You can't have self-appointed peace keepers who don't even comply with international laws. The way to fix this is to create international laws that ALL countries have to follow if they want to deal in the international arena. And then you need enforcement. That doesn't mean a gun. It means fines, 100% sanctions, holding leaders of those countries to account and charging them day one. International banks take the fines from trade transactions directly. Countries who start wars don't get to vote on things any more. But that won't happen because politicians are corrupt. No politician would ever risk their job and security to put in laws to protect the people and make themselves accountable for things like killing, lying etc. We don't elect based on international ethics and morals. And governments / leaders should not be working to protect the elites and companies of the world. They weren't elected to do that. They were elected to protect US.

  10. Fascists communist not Jewish but Zionist are all totallitairian in my eyes and we should not get politics mixed up with religion ,as religion is the old politics and mind controle…




  12. Man you are amazing
    I thought about all the above that you said but could never word them or eloquently yet so simple that a guy like me can fully understand the main idea

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  14. The amount of independent investigate that is required today is mind blowing. The straight out lies and the even more dangerous half truths that are fed continuously to the masses concerning nutrition, politics , medicine , religion, finance [add on your own] is truly horrific .

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