This video explains the major developments happening now in Davos, Switzerland and what the World Economic Forum is doing.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Thank goodness I'm not from New York and I never have been there and I never will. I'm from Pennsylvania which is not too far from New York and Pennsylvania is not much better. We are a blue state trying to turn red. Yes, we have tyrant MURDERERS running this state, but this state is still a little bit better than New York. If I was from New York, I would have gotten out a long time ago. It's easy for me to say that because I can just pick up and go anytime I want and I know most people can't do that. I'm riding solo right now and that gives me some benefits to do what I want and when I want 👍! My advice to the New Yorkers, leave New York or just deal with their laws and consequences. Solo or not….. I would get the fuck out of New York as soon as possible 💯

  2. These fucking monsters and their armed thugs are disgusting. It's great, important work Luke does reporting on this malignant cancerous power extending it's rot across our world.

  3. It was stated by one of the WEF acolytes that the only barriers to them imposing their plans was the two main dictators. Obviously they have prompted one of these to carry out an act of aggression that may seen him removed from office or assassinated. The other one must be quaking in his boots that he's next.

  4. Monkeypox – brought to you by the same people who gave you Covid-19.
    It's no coincidence that there's a war underway. Monkeypox is a weapon as much as Covid-19 was.
    Covid-19 was used as a weapon to create the need for absentee ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election, so ballot harvesting could alter the result.

  5. Why didn't you out REFUSE to stop recording them, tell them the public has right to and MUST know what they are doing, ask them what abuses they are trying to hide that they so fear public scrutiny and remind them they are public officials and have thus NO right to privacy in the conduct of their duties?

  6. Wow those aren’t even real police officers. Look at their gear. Look how the young guy doesn’t have a fresh shave. Actors being paid to harass.

  7. The elite trying to save humanity. LOL. The future is built by us!!! Tracking individual consumers' footprints!!!

    This is globalism at its best! One world government! The future is built by us!!! Tracking individual consumers' footprints!!! WE know better what is best for people.

  8. You have to stop filming because I don’t want to be held accountable for our behavior. Remember we don’t need a reason to target specific people because we are the representatives of the government. Not America where you have rights.

  9. Just call someone a conspiracy theorist to nullify that person's legitimacy. They've been doing it for decades with the ufo phenomenon so since it works so well why would they stop

  10. So, Switzerland is no longer safe for you money since it serves the globalists. Got it. My advice…pull your money out of the country as soon as you can before they require a vax passport before you can withdraw you money. Trust me….they will do it and you will take the poison or you won't get your money.

  11. I think Americans are in a unique position. The new world order is gonna have a harder time getting America to fall in line with there plans. That’s why they want us divided. But it’s up to us Americans to hold the line. If America falls then they win.

  12. They are speaking boldly about who they believe they are and what they are capable of. It only works if we submit. People who accumulate great wealth, then hoard it feel as if that gives them the right to dictate to us how we should be able to live?

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