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I’ve been talking to Dr Bernardo Kastrup – author of ‘Why Materialism is Baloney’ about how the mainstream media and intellectual elites shape our reality in a materialistic world and how science underwrites our politics #mainstreamedia #CNN #materialism
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Frequencies & information streams we don't have the instrumentation for? Sorry but i kinda think that's what God's been trying to get us to see and we keep shutting off, forbidding, discounting as valueless in favor of our known dashboard.

  2. Hey shout out to this video Russell thank you very much it was a real Comfort today I needed this today quite surprised definitely didn't expand my insight but so nice to have the Insight met saved the video right away because this gentleman's analogies are pristine and perfect that means you can't really change them or take anything out of them or put something else in them they work so well especially they work in showing the silliness and the stupidity of about 200 years of Indo-European excuse me but it's been male perception also does a beautiful job of showing how we do learn to recognize ourself Without a Face and yet people don't understand what I mean when I say that and time traveling? Really how stupid is that idea why would space traveling Pilots like us want to travel around a round little clock that split up the rhythms of the movement of space that we as Pilots are traveling in?! We are all definitely space Travelers and Pilots of that space traveling the question is is can you recognize yourself without a face? And right away I realize oh no that's too complicated a question we have to go back and ask can you accept the fact that you as a pilot can only see the interface of the window in which you are traveling you cannot see everything else and can you accept the fact that you cannot see everything and know everything?! And if the answer is no then all that dominance and all that acting Macho and manly was complete b***** complete cowards apparently! why am I not surprised I say in any circumstances or condition here on Earth try to deny what I say that you are a space traveler or a traveler of space you are a piece of space traveling we are on a very large space ship that is traveling we call it a planet but it is a piece of space traveling the common denominator in change is space moving or I like to say traveling yeah really like this video and in commenting about it the same idiosyncrasy is returning an insecurity a cowardice at never ending fear of some kind not even animals do that so I guess a lack of comfort safety and affection create a never-ending fear yeah sounds like the model of the Indo European greedy money I can't even blame it on the species anymore and I definitely feel like a part and participle of some other species then the one I supposedly belong to! greedy money is afraid of creativity Insight introspection all aspects of travel which to me is true existence money don't like life and as long as we pretend it isn't so we're the same reminds me of a Dream Within recent years of traveling through a completely dead Baron riverbed no life in it at all looking for just a little bit of green listening for just a little drip of water I think this is the environment that money creates and I don't think it's any more complicated than that an inanimate interface between reality that is given a Quantified value by some other perception this is not an objective reality and as long as it rules a culture inanimacy is ruling the culture the real idea of death which is an illusion that has been proliferated for 200 years

  3. Billionaires own the corporations. The corporations own the mainstream media. The media tells you how to think and how to act based upon the personal preferences of a tiny group of very wealthy, privileged and evil people.

  4. Whoever gets the most before they die wins! Ridiculous. Never let go of the real things in life faith, love, kindness, respect, wonder, learning, skills, talent, scriptures, God, animals, Jesus said live one another. All this hiding in digital life from the real world is just crazy ness. Take the tech off and see the real wonder God gave us to enjoy.

  5. Fear is accumulated"logical negotiation in fragmentated consciousness" materialistic… Spiritual awareness is not negotiating bits and pieces. It is direct, here and now. Stop negotiating with the wholesomeness of totality and immediately suffering stops!

  6. Sorry, you did use circular logic to try to prove the existence of a shared objective external reality, ie, "If you were here in my study" you would see the same things I do and we would agree the room has certain features, objects, table chair, etc. You are presupposing the external world and Russel exist, and that you can rely on your senses to convey accurate information about them. I can get solipsistic (feeling that my own consciousness is all I can be sure of, and everything else might as well a movie) at times caught in Decartes Dilemma or feeling like I am in the matrix. Or maybe it is a bunch of intermeshing subjective realities that change based on our shared consensus about them. And at any rate it seems like the past most of our lives are just a forgotten dream. In certain states I feel like I contact truth and I can imagine that we live in a universe that is principally the all prevading love of God, that this is all a dream but it's His/Her dream and we were put here to know the Dreamer. The tools og perception exist but we've been conditioned not to use them.

  7. But matter has two meanings, as well as being physical objects, what matters in life is a spiritual reality.
    Just like the word mean has two meanings. To be a selfish person getting everything is what life means to you. But by being selfless all of a sudden life means so much more, it means helping others is important to you, the means of how people arrive to that place they couldn't get otherwise.
    When experts you terms like evolve and evolution, I wonder if thet have really thought what they are saying through thoroughly.
    R-evolve means, to go round and round in circles, evolve means that as things go round and round in circles they just change a bit of their own accord with no outside design or reason, or external rational or other influence. Yet there are rational connection between words and the idea that live just evolved is actually a claim that no creator was involved in the making of the universe. The opposite of evol-ve is love, love at its fgreatest fundamental reality refers to one giving up what they have so other can have it, like a mother giving birth to a child who would directors protect that helpless baby, or a father who would die protecting that child from harm without batting an eyelid.
    The fact that loves opposite happens to spell the first part of evol-ution a conceot that an eternal force of love has no place in life's existence, also happens to match its close cousin word live the opposite of the word live is evil. To live the wrong way around and devil- lived the past tense of live backwards.
    These words that express a diferent concept that words are like keys opening a view to another way of seeing life in away that matters, gives us thecability to concieve a new outlook. Conceive and concept also have to meanings, to be born and to see life in another way.
    That lost myth Christians claimed as being born again, one thatvthey can't even explain.
    That's the interesting thing about expression, when a person expresses the truth it goes directly to where intended straight away without going round and round in circles. Unlike l
    Myths and fallacies which have no logical connection with life.

  8. I once looked into a book known as a course in miracles it is a book that teaches that Jesus is a metaphysical being that we can physically see in our minds eye and even talk to also it mentioned in the first chapter or so emissions the fact that we all are making the world the way we want it the way we dream it we are in a dream state as Earth beings if we dream a good dream in the outcome of such is so much so of the same but so many of us are dreaming a scary nightmare of a world that we cannot even comprehend that quite possibly the second coming has already happened we're just hanging on to our our dream world and also if we can only see what we want to see then in my opinion I'm going to change what I'm seeing and I'm going to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has already made the Earth perfect again these are things to just chew on

  9. What a brilliant explanation of something I’ve been pondering. I just wonder what steps need to happen for the general public to wake up. Is it happening with the shake up of the pandemic, moving on now to the general unrest in the world at dissatisfaction of what’s being dumped on us from the powers that be. I am sure our personal and collective suffering will wake some up.

  10. In the Holy Qur'an somewhere is written: …and from all the knowledge (and phenomena to be discovered out there), I didn't give you but a tiny bit…
    Whatever kind of research mankind undertakes, every question answered gives birth to dozens of new ones… Just look @ the latest results of the JWSTelescope mission…
    Whatever we know, it is only what shines through a tiny peep-hole in a big wall…

  11. I, for one, am very happy with the way our senses evolved. The ability to perceive radio waves or see bacteria would make life as we know it both confusing and horrifying. As for 'scientists' . . . well, they're welcome to play in their sandbox to their hearts' content – so long as they don't attempt to constrain my freedom with their 'facts.'

  12. The fact that many of these people think the devil doesn’t exist is a large reason that they look to strip us of everything. God is real . There are loads of people that didn’t believe in God and then died and were revived . In all of the cases I’ve looked into those who experienced this said that we must live our life’s with love ,respect, sharing, and caring for others . Preach that God is good and real And that this life is just a stepping stone to the amazing beautiful loving life after death. We must pass the test of this life in order to go to heaven.

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