The pandemic was a global tragedy… but what has it taught us about the corporate involvement in a healthcare system that’s designed to protect us? I spoke with the journalist and former co-host of The Hills Kim Iversen about how the pandemic exposes the motivations behind big corporate players funding studies and how the media controlled the shifting narratives of what we’re told to believe. #billgates #pandemic #covid

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The governments and thier friends control everything atm and that's how it's always been until you idiot voters stop voting people over you…join me and Don't vote join the new community that we can all take part in together with real people who actually care

  2. Russell, you need to invite Lee Camp, Eleanor Goldfield, Jimmy Dore, hard Lens Media, Ron PLacone and Graham Elwood on your show, as well as the Convo Couch and especially Jordan Chariton of Status Coup.

  3. that blue shirt makes you look much younger – vote for someone who is going to let you have guns – because it certainly appears that we will be needing them very soon to defend ourselves from an elite class who are consistently seeking to tighten the noose around us little people…………

  4. We're not "headed in that direction," we're already there. 🌎⏲💣🔥
    Holodomor [Soviet famine 1930–33]: 7,811,000
    The Holocaust: [up to] 7,000,000
    Cambodian genocide: 3,000,000
    Bill Gates, Fauci, the CDC, Pfizer, and basically the entire US Government: "Hold our beers!"
    These people knew exactly what to expect when a pandemic hits thanks to Bill's "Event 201: What to Do When A Pandemic Strikes" drill held in 2019, but they chose to ignore their own results to reap huge profits while the World suffered needlessly and people died alone. Thanks, guys!😠

  5. These hospital studies are all bought and paid for by big corporations and trust funds, and will spout whatever those who are paying for it want it to say. As I've discovered that information, statistics and data can be manipulated to fit whatever narrative is being pushed at the time.

  6. Manipulated system is flawed with liars and thieves and murderers who use guns to kill with no repercussions or penalties for gun use on humans. Guns were only designed to kill people not animals so don't be fooled by controlling people who lie to get thier way.those individuals are like bad tempered lil children tryn to get what they want by crying and moaning and manipulation till the other party cracks under the pressure…I cannot be broken, do not try to manipulate me I will bite back

  7. I am no part of this world, that's why the world hates me.but in saying that….it's a gain for me if it's an attack on my faith toward God. So bring it on! My double edged sword protruding from my mouth will say what I need to say when I need to say it

  8. Simple logic if you’re grants are the largest source of funding then your research is almost guaranteed to give a reason for the company that funded the research a clear path to profit by means of manufacturing a cure to the problem stated.

  9. People who actually communicate the news are silenced by ridicule and bullying. Kim has been fired and remains resilient. Russell seems bulletproof as well despite communicating the conclusions formed with logical deductive reasoning while questioning the narrative being served. They tried to stuff Joe Rogan into an envelope and mail him to Siberia but he is hanging on.

  10. The satanic globalists NEED people to TELL US WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US! People who seem cool and hip, humorous and "likeable", who are good at making themselves SEEM like they are "on the side of the people." Like Russel Brand and Joe Rogan! They are called "Controlled Opposition"

  11. They do not want people to have ownership of their cars, they are cutting airline flights and Government's around the world are about to cause famine and we must not forget the same Governments are are also encourage racism against whites. The Nazis are back.

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