This Is F*cked

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This Is F*cked

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  1. Didn't mtg use baby formula as a reason not to vote for that bill, and then vote against the formula bill? Wouldn't call that brave, it seems ideological. Largely the same with Paul, they are fiscal hyper conservatives

  2. We are not sending this money to Ukraine.
    29 billion of it goes in the pockets of 3 US companies who provide the weapons at a high cost x 4.
    When you make the kind of products that you can’t sell in Walmart, then you have to create a market for it .
    The rest of the money is going to other rich boys .

  3. You are supporting a gangster who has robbed the Russian People of their country's wealth. He is now robbing Ukraine of it's food. Putin has declared war on the whole world holding poor countries of the hostage. Millions of people are likely to starve because one guy says the people of that country have no right to exist. We even need to take the word Ukraine out of existence.. I am no great supporter of the United States. It has lied, carried out war crimes in many countries, including the nuking of Japanese cities in WW2. BUT THAT DOESN'T make Putin right. He hasn't caught up to Stalin or Hitler yet but he seems to be trying to create himself as new version of the Russian Tsar , probably the most autocratic leader that has ever lived. And you are no journalist. You are completely irresponsible when you assemble your evidence. You have your views and you work back to your conclusions from there. You never question your own assumptions because your opinions have become facts for you. You have trapped yourself into wearing concrete boots that have you set in place.

  4. If you were in a country getting attacked by one of the worlds biggest military powers, you would want some help too, remember the 2nd world war? when Hitler was allowed to run riot? Putins in the same mold.
    Also you have no evidence that the weapons are going to be sold on the black market, at least not on any kind of scale that would be a problem, the weapons are much more use to them than money, so they aren't going to sell them.

  5. There are certain people in America who call themselves Americans but they're NOT – even though they were born here. They condemn, criticize and intentionally try to undermine American democracy – although it's not perfect. America often tries to solve the problems of the world but often make mistakes. Instead of people within America and other countries learn from the mistakes of America, they criticize, condemn, then go out and make the very said mistakes, while expecting different results.

    America does not have a perfect democracy because there is absolutely no one on this planet right now who knows what it truly means to be a democratic nation. that's just the way it is – given the collective consciousness on our planet however, Americans are willing to to try something NEW, without knowing in advance what the outcome may bring. This is called TRUE CREATIVITY – you try something new, note / experience the results, then learn from those results.

    Often times these results are termed mistakes however, if one can learn from the results, it simply means that they are NOT mistakes but Learning Opportunities. The question remains, how often do people in general learn from these so-called mistakes. Usually people keep doing the same thing over and over until they come to the realization that…this is not working, so let's try something new.

    Those who criticize and condemn are simply who refuse to exercise their creativity. It is much easier for them to talk about others rather than look at the beam in their own eye. If one pays attention, one would soon notice that these people never have anything positive to offer in helping to come uP with a solution. *All they ever do is criticize and condemn because their imagination is located below the yellow line in the middle of the street.

  6. So, even a child could sum up : money can't buy your safety ! All this gold for a country that is going to get ripped off !!! As a five years child, the first thing I do is ask my mom, where all this money goes ? Mom, your money !!! You gave a lot and nothing happened ! Has someone robbered ya ? Would'nt be "your" administration ? Mom, and what about keeping your money for ya, and never give it to them ? After all. This is the money of your work, your blood, your sweat… Why do you give that to people who betray ya ? Are you going to give your money to people who let you sleep in a tant on a californian street, without never caring about you and your health. And what about me, a 5 years old child ?

    Great ! Keep on America. The flush for the very ending times is coming… Soon than you would have ever imagine. And no Stallone, WSmith nor SamJackson, will save you. It's too late.

    You should have kept Trump, the moderate, the business man. Now you are in a terrible mess America. And noone will come to your rescue. You have killed so many people struggling for peace : LaFayette and Louis XVI (16), Che Guevara, Allende, Giap, a cyprus nonce, Saddam, Goddafi, and so on. I have to recall you America, the most ferocious defenders of liberty are in jail or in a tier country. Assange, and Snowden. Think about that.

    . Good luck America, your country sucks. Please, don't nuke the Earth because you have screw yourself. Thanks.

    Sales cons d'américains.

  7. I have to ask once again. Where and how is Ukraine going to spend all of this money?
    There can't be anywhere left to buy heavy equipment from that haven't already given them all they have got to spare.

    Follow the money. If its being transferred into PrivatBank, then you can kiss it goodbye.

  8. US borrow the money from communist China to fight Russia,
    With the US money they repay China, China gives to Russia for oil.
    So US funds both sides!!!!!!!!!!
    If you wish to live in a decent, orderly, intelligent system the first requirement is to abolish the use of money.

  9. War is created to rob the tax payer of there money the government collect from us. . All politicians and country are connected under the table.. the c.i.a control the drug markets of the world and the kingpins who sell it for them.. .

  10. Russia's military budget is seemly low because Russia's weapons industry is largely publicly owned. So they have their weaponry at cost price. Not cost plus profit. There's also no profit motive for war.

  11. I believe most of the money that was supposedly sent to help Ukraine are mainly in the hands of the American MICs. The US literally “lend/lease” all the old unused weapons in the US inventory and they got new ones. Of course, lots of politicians in the US has their pockets line.

  12. You dont know what you are talking about. .Russia is the most corrupt country it always has been since Lenin and Stalin times get your facts right perhaps you would like to live in Russia under their authoritarian rule where toy get 13years in jail just for protesting. I have been to Russia 6 times and learned the language I saw the corruption first hand , I have also visited Ukraine many times I saw no corruption a peaceful and friendly people. Have you ever visited Russia or Ukraine? you just like to hear yourself talk with no substance, go back to your bedroom and play with your toy soldiers

  13. This is a comical misunderstanding/misinterpretation of numbers. Ignoring the fact that this 50 billion has not all been sent yet alone spent, you're comparing apples and oranges. Russia's defence budget may be about the same as the aid numbers that have been promised to Ukraine but you are comparing the cost of maintaining a military in peacetime vs the cost of fighting a war. The two are not the same. Russia's defence spending for this fiscal year for example will not be what it usually is. It will be 3/4 times more due to all the munitions being used, extra maintenance, losses etc

  14. I think most of planet don't understand how much money USA and EU put at Ukraine at this short time. If someone say they are trying to help Ukraine its wrong, they don't like Ukraine, maybe less then Russia. Why Ukraine is so important for them, what they have at that country, why they force them to stay at war, at war which Ukraine cant win.

  15. Here is why… America & West hijacked by cult evil cabal’s Deep state… it’s become corrupt criminal terrorist regime (Empire of lies 4th Reich).

  16. I hate all these scums I'm Washington,I truly meant it . Both republican and democrats are scums ,they only serves the one percent . I mean how can you put us in debt by borrowing money from China to support a God dam Nazis government which our grandfather fought against in world war 2. I mean you can borrow the money but make the money work the tax payers by created more jobs and updated our infrastructure,and created a better education system,and invest the money to make our economy recession proof

  17. Ukraine War is a bananza for some people and companies most of this money will not go to Ukraine like Afghanistan trillions of dollars for Afghanistan but the Afghan government got only fraction of that money all stayed in US and EU

  18. And btw: Biden and Blinken is now escalating the US hate against China. They say China is a larger problem than Russia for the " order" of the US universal power. They want to destroy Russia and China. This is the democratic paradise. WW3 just ahead.

  19. They must have forgotten to add hunters crack supply that's why they sent an extra 100 million be reasonable Jackson!!! Lol great work as usual champion!!!

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