This Is F*cking Crazy

With his popularity amongst the US public at an all-time low, this week Joe Biden announced the killing of an al-Qaida leader via US drone strike. This comes weeks after Biden met with the Saudi Crown Prince, and subsequently approving a $3 billion Saudi arms sale. But if there were any links between the Saudis and al-Qaida, that would reek of hypocrisy, wouldn’t it? #biden #drone #saudiarabia

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Stop lying Russell, you are just a conspiracy theorist who tells half truths. Daniel hale wasn't sent to prison for saying innocent civilians were killed, he was sent to prison for breaching the secrets act which he had signed up to. The judge said he could have released that information without stealing documents

  2. "Make America safe in a dangerous world. " Is that the same most powerful country which jas shaped and dominated the world for the 20th century? Sounds like the opposite. The world has to be saved from this dangerous America regime

  3. Omg.. I love RB.. So brilliant and funny and TRUE. Exactly… How can you go around killing people with drones and thinking its a good thing.. Pathetic. USA leadership is so blood thirsty and greedy.

  4. You hit it right on the head Russell. The American people have had enough of misdirection. It's beyond obvious we are being Lied to 100% of the time. It's just so ridiculous now. Thanks Russell c];-)

  5. Fear is the same thing they do with the Mexican border. Black people. White people. Males. Females. Heterosexuals. Homosexuals. Atheists. Christians. Jews. Muslims. We are supposed to hate everybody because of fear. Everyone does it.

  6. Once they convince you that automated killing is acceptable for the enemy, its a relatively small step to adjust the definition of 'enemy'.
    What goes round, comes round.

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