This Is F*cking Insane!

Veterans and active military families cannot afford to eat food in spite of Biden pledging $840 billion to the military. So why is this happening?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. those people dont have nothing holy. just going thru other people heads and dead bodys. Hope that theese dark times will serve as a wake up call for a better world. love you Russell. keep going. Since moment i found your chanell i dont skip any videos of yours. PEACE AND UNITY PEOPLE!!!

  2. You know, I honestly thought that, if anyone was deserving the best form of universal health care, it would be for veterans. Because if you're willing to dedicate your life to an ideal, and willing to die for it, the least your country can so is take care of those same veterans. Not only do we not take care of them, but people would be outraged at such an idea. Which truly baffles me.

  3. My father is an 84-year-old Vietnam era veteran who has asbestosis from both working on Navy ships in service and from working in shipyards after who isn't didn't even get his VA benefits until recently. I wish I was exaggerating. (Fortunately he has had good medical benefits from other sources.)

  4. Bidens a puppet in control from the republicans. From the teleprompter to the cue cards he has been unfit this entire year with alziemers dementia. Who's behind the Oz current is what you need to figure it out.

  5. Millennial ideology being used here. We want all the money, yes all of it, before we do any work at all!! Better idea. Here's half, do your job commendedly and if agreed you will have earned the other half? I doubt it in this world 🌎

  6. As a former field medical doctor who worked in war torn areas for 10 years and witnessed first hand what was going on there, …. NO , i really don't give and F if military personal starve to death or have it hard back at home after the damage they caused wherever they went. For each military man i stitched i also stitched 20 civilians, for every ten military men i took care of, i was reported of 5 rapes done by military personal on adults, elderly and children.
    I also remember seeing military men going into remote villages and slaughtering the entire livestock to make sure thelocal population were going to starve and what disgusted me was the pleasure they took in killing those animals.
    I wrote former field medical doctor because after 10 years i was back home and back to school and became a wild life vet and ethologist and went back to those war torn areas but now i take care of the animals there.
    So, no, i really couldn't care less if those military men can not eat, or have no roof over their head. There is a thing called karma and although i am not spiritual at all, i am certain that bad actions always come back to bite you in the ass.

  7. That “what to do after a nuke” info video probably cost “100 million “per video and it’s 10 parts!!😎😂….personally pretty soon a nuke will be easier to deal with/clean up than all this “Bidenflation” & the affects of the Biden administration !

  8. Military contractors probably pocketed these payments, divided among the board members. I don't know, but is plausible. These companies do hire people to do nothing, charge time to government contracts. Massive profits.

  9. Stop saying we're giving money to Ukraine, illegals and other lying bullshit and we'll have our money to defend ourselves against our enemies. The reason for the military. These evil bastards keep making deals with China using our money to line their own pockets and other countries that they make deals with.

  10. I'll tell you another damn problem. All these young woman joining the military going out on medical leave before they finish bootcamp. They can't hack it it and they committ fraud with medical issues to join. Then at the ripe old age of 20 the are disabled and on the draw wirh full benefits. More money coming in through VA and social security that they haven't earned. Meanwhile. Some combat soldier comes home with his legs and arms blown off and he can't get shit. This is wrong and it is happening more than people realize. FACT

  11. Explain simple for simple:
    1. Jesus is coming
    2. America is Babylon
    3. No salvation for Many Hypocrites whoever doesn’t obey the Ten Commandments.
    4. Matthew 7:13-14 & Matthew 24:5 – ‘Many’ = 2,380,000,000 (known) – 8,000,000,000 (unknown) hypocrite “Christians” people globally (8,000,000,000 = the unknown hypocrite “Christians” & unbelievers.)
    5. Enoch Chapter 2, jude 1:14, Matthew 7:13-14 – ‘Few’ = 10,000 – 99,999 (including dead in Christ) alive today roughly ‘Few’ 100 – 1000. People globally.
    6. To receive Holy Spirit you must obey commandments – John 14:15-24.
    7. To get into heaven you need to have the Holy Spirit – John 3:5-6.
    8. To receive eternal life you have to obey the commandments Deuteronomy 28, Deuteronomy 1 to 24, proverbs 19:16, Matthew 19:17
    9. You many that say one world government, religion and currency. You many that say revelation 6:1-2 is antichrist or false prophet = Hypocrites and not true to Jesus. As no live by word of God. Revelation 6:1-8 are spirits of God, zechariah 6:1-8 tells you that! First seal is Holy Spirit.
    10. You many that say “Jesus died on the cross and was raised the third day and you have salvation by believing this” are all hypocrites. As Jesus never said it would give you salvation and the price he paid was temporary. Jesus said obey the ten commandments if you want eternal life.
    11. Ephesians 2:8 & romans 9:10 is NOT for you many hypocrites but for only those who are true who already keep the Ten Commandments and are done with sin to the best of their ability to stay sinless as possible. First be done with sin and be obedient to God then this will apply to you! Ephesians 2:1-3.
    12. Paul’s letters is not God’s. It is God inspired but not directly spoken by God. You follow man not God. But you have worked yourself into the churches and twisted Paul’s letters like you do all scripture and say “God’s good grace allows us to live immoral lives by disobeying the commandments” and it leads to your own condemnation/destruction! (2 peter 3:15-16 & Jude 1:4) Read the word exactly as the word reads but always LIVE BY God’s WORD, NOT MANS!
    13. Never come to your own understanding of God’s word and never interpret the word of God because when you do then you are wrong! God is ALMIGHTY!!! ALL MIGHTY!!! Not some halfwit with a spoon! So when God gives his word he does not need it to be deciphered or analysed just heard, lived by and done exactly the way it is said/written! (1 peter 2:1 – two translations say understand & interpretation and that they don’t come by the prophets one’s own understanding or interpretation so you read it exactly as it says not turn it into a new meaning!)
    14. When you see me and what Im instructing you, you see the Lord Jesus Christ so if you reject what I am telling you today then you are rejecting Jesus Christ. And if you reject Jesus Christ via me then Jesus will reject you.
    15. You won’t trust what I tell you as I am still a mortal man. So go and test what I tell you in the scriptures and divide the word of truth. So you can know that what I have said is not lies as the word of God is truth.
    16. The Holy Spirit is the oil in the lamp (Matthew 25). I am filled with oil but you that do not obey the Ten Commandments have no oil. If you obey the ten commandments now you have time to shop for oil, if you do not obey the Ten Commandments now then when Jesus comes it will be too late and the door to the shop will be closed forever and you will NEVER receive the Holy Spirit then onwards. You don’t have the Holy Spirit If you don’t obey the Ten Commandments.
    17. I have suffered exactly like Job and it was there as an example of what you would go through to know if you were true to Jesus. It’s a measurement of your faithfulness and a message from God to say you are my child. If you have not suffered exactly like Job then you are not true and not a child of God but a child of the devil. Peter even says if you have suffered this way then you are partners with Christ. (1 peter 4). And Jesus said if you want to be my follower take up your cross and follow (Matthew 16:24) and anyone who does not is not mine (Matthew 10:38). This means the same suffering I have gone through, as Jesus went through as Job went through as all who are true to God have gone through.
    18. If you still have a house/home, children, family, friends, partners, possessions, money, income, nice cars, good jobs and good food and(or) good drinks then you are not of God but of this world. And if you took up your cross these things would naturally be removed from you as you go deeper into suffering and further down the path with your cross. I speak out of experience not just scripture.
    19. The antichrist is known as the king of the north and also a false messiah but is a vile man. That man many of you love! And not Jesus and his name is the very number 666 & 616. He is also German/American and is dubbed the name “MAGA” king which means pagan witch king.
    Donald (6) Johann (6) Trump (6)
    or early papyrus translation 616:
    Donald (6) J (1) Trump (6)
    20. Elon Musks neuralink is the mark of the beast both head and right hand. Elon Musk is a santanist and knows Jesus is coming but has warned people intensely very soon “aliens” are coming. Trying to discredit Jesus and the angels.
    21. April is the new year not September. God said in exodus April is the new year but September was actually pagan that now the Jews and Muslims have born adopted. How it happened was verbal laws passed down from generation to generation for 100s of years that adopted pagan ways along the way and then was written down in the Talmud. But as it was so changed it was not the word of God. The Talmud is an accurate example of what the many of you do with scripture!
    22. The time we think it is actually is not because God’s year is 360 days and we have the Gregorian calendar this day which is 365 – 366 day years.
    23. Yes Grace comes by Faith. But how does faith come by? Works proves your faith. If you say you are faithful and cheat on your husband/wife you have not only proved you are not faithful but also lied and you have disobeyed two commandments. So faithfulness does not come by say so or by belief. Belief and faith are two very different things. The visions I have had I BELIEVE are from Jesus but what I saw and how my path is carried and is carrying out I have FAITH what I saw will come to pass and the promise in that vision will kept and fulfilled to me. Jesus said loving God with all your heart, mind and soul (commandments 1-4) and loving your neighbour (commandments 5-10) are fulfilled by the Ten Commandments. If you lie to someone or cheat on them, have you shown love to your neighbour? If you say God’s name in vain as a curse or worship and love Something else other than God that was created by God is that showing love to God?
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  12. Deuteronomy 28:54 The most tenderhearted man among you will have no compassion for his own brother, his beloved wife, and his surviving children.
    Deuteronomy 28:55 He will refuse to share with them the flesh he is devouring—the flesh of one of his own children—because he has nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns.
    Deuteronomy 28:56 The most tender and delicate woman among you—so delicate she would not so much as touch the ground with her foot—will be selfish toward the husband she loves and toward her own son or daughter.
    Deuteronomy 28:57 She will hide from them the afterbirth and the new baby she has borne, so that she herself can secretly eat them. She will have nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns.

  13. How often do I have to repeat myself?

    The people who are in government, especially those who have been in for decades, are EVIL!!! They need to be removed!!!! And voting will never remove the evil people, EVER!!!

    We need to remove the corrupt politicians who are impossible to vote out of office once they are installed in their positions of power!

    The type of politicians who don't care about the people, other than stealing the power from the people for themselves, and commit blatant crimes while in office that would put anyone else into prison for years!

    The very same democrat rino elite socialist/communist masters willing to enslave and bankrupt, the very people and Constitution they swore an oath to protect!

    We have seen over the years how they ignore the will of the people who supposedly voted them into office, some over 50 years ago, to do the right thing and protect the people from bad laws, bad drugs, bad food, and bad corporations, foreign and domestic.

    We watch day by day how they erode the laws for themselves while inverting the laws protecting the rights of the people, and cause many to become criminals in their own state, cities, and homes, for protecting and defending themselves and their families from dangerous criminals released early from prison caused by changes to the laws meant to protect the people from the violent criminals.

    By making it more and more difficult to obtain and carry and use a firearm for defense, they have made criminals so blatantly brave enough to just walk up and start beating people into submission for robbery or murder! Or to walk into a store and walk out with valuable merchandise without being confronted, because no one is legally allowed to intervene!

    These self serving politicians have become millionaires while serving in public office, usually by selling their influence to the highest bidders in the corporate world, while letting the people suffer from abuse by the same corporate businesses willing to cut wages and benefits while making more and more money for themselves.

    People are crying for a change, and they keep asking why they are not getting any help from anyone in power, but if they continue to listen to the political lies from the elites, things will never change, and voting no longer makes a difference!

    It is way past time, America has to rise up as one, and remove these tyrants from their positions of power, power given, and taken, from the people!

    America! It is past time we invade the offices of these tyrants and haul them kicking and screaming into the streets and hang them!

  14. After watching a few nuclear explosion vids you will realize the best place to be during a blast is at ground zero.. at least its a quick death as opposed to being burnt alive or dying from radiation.. and unless you have a fallout shelter being inside will simply lead to a longer and more painful death.

  15. These people can just come up with any numbers because it has no effect on their pockets whatsoever!! Millions, billions, who cares to them?!?!? We are all fucked no matter what. I am sick of this government and the OLD ASS MEN that run it! Ukraine is nothing but a money laundering scheme for Biden and Zelensky.

  16. Russel I'm so sick of this crap, how can we actually stop this corruption? It's amongst all governemnrs. I'm sick of it. We all just deal with it, but we all know it's happening.

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