This Is F*cking Terrifying

Blood has become big business in the United States and there is no shortage of big pharma corporations ready to exploit America’s young and most vulnerable.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I knew people who sold their blood over 25 years ago. They sold their blood so often they looked like heroin addicts with needle scars in their arms.
    I couldn't sell mine because I had a fresh tattoo and admitted to smoking the weeds and sniffing the smell of a little Coca-Cola. I thought that was bad for me, good for the recipient they have a strict policy, but now you look and it's only drug addicts selling their blood now.
    Maybe that's why old people feel younger when getting young blood is because it's filled with crack head juice. Jokes on you rich people. 🤪

  2. Paying for blood in the US has been going on for decades. This was a means of making ends meet during the depression in the 1930's. I do it about once every two months just to help pay the bills when it gets tight.

  3. Maybe the way it's happening today is new but actually people that have been living on the street that didn't have any money and been selling their blood for 50 years that I know of. I almost did it myself once when I was down on my luck but fortunately I got a job just before I was vampired

  4. This is absolute nonsense. It is illegal to donate blood more than once every 6 weeks. People are not paid for blood donation but are paid for plasma donations. When donating plasma your blood is returned to your body. Usually my man is spot on but this is a lot of misinformation and I hate using that stupid f**** word

  5. How about we quit calling this "donation"? People are selling their "product" for cash. The companies then sell their product to others. Maybe the original sellers need help in figuring out how to obtain more cash for their product?

  6. So the "conspiracy" that wealthy elites use blood transfusions from children to try to prolong their lives is real? Why was Alex Jones banned again? Seems like he is found correct more times than the "mainstream news"

  7. As a poor person, I have 'donated' plasma many times in the past as needed and a few times in my 20's did whole blood at NIH in DC. They call it donating but obviously you get paid for it. It's not a pleasant experience, not awful but yuck. It was helpful in desperate times but I always felt very unsettled by it. People are just lined up in rows of beds, movies are on TV and we're all just hooked up to machines, fist pumping our blood out. I felt like some kind of meat on an assembly line of sorts. I hated the way it made me feel about myself (no judgment) but the poorest people tend to resort to this option and so the whole room just is that much bleaker. They tell you it's going to save lives and do important medical research to make you feel better about it. To be completely transparent, they barely pay you as well. You can only donate so much per week and you're lucky if you make $50. That's the desperation because you're gonna be there all damn day and maybe make $50 and that's if you're fat.

  8. Lots of certifiable psychopaths in power positions, many of whom have broken many laws, and should be punished.

    But! Law and order is dead , so, I recommend those who’ve been truly deeply wronged, get organized, recruit some good hearted ex military gents, and bring the pain themselves.

  9. I love your blog. Everything you touch on you take the thoughts straight out of my head. Lliterally have been donating my plasma for $100 each visit after 8 visits it goes down to $40 each time. It rocks my world 🌎each time I leave a piece of myself in that chair that I feel I have never gotten back. Hits home! I love you and your mind always have been a big fan but watching your videos made me a super fan bubby. Keep up the good work. You touch on so many topics others would be afraid to. You bubby are amazing and remind me of a bunny rabbit xoxoxoxoc

  10. I donate plasma and it helps out with rising fuel prices as I can get up to 700 a month if I donate 2 times a week. You can't do that in the u.k. as you guys are banned. But yeah it's still very creepy

  11. They're demons on earth. It's obvious that they are really scared of death and have access to things we, as the normal people, don't have access to. I'm not just talking about money, I'm talking about their knowledge of energy and spirits. They want to be immortal because they're scared of dying. You can laugh at me, but it makes sense. They know what the end will bring for them and they're terrified.

    Most of the truths of this earth are actually disguised as fiction. Video games, movies, all of it. They want you to believe these things don't exist and they want others to laugh at people who do believe or who have a reason to believe due to what's been going on.

  12. RUSSELL THE MESSIAH?! Russell! I like your content BUT… BUT i cant help feel that your visuals are intentional: from the Jesus hair & beard to the loose fitted Jesus shirts to the open palm hand gestures. Is this intentional? If not, cut your hair.

  13. About 7 years ago my husband and I had a roommate bail on us just as rent was due. We pawned a lot of stuff and donated plasma regularly for a couple of months afterwards. I’m now realizing just how nuts this was and reflecting on the ‘golden liquid’ is nauseating. They also use the biggest needle you’ve ever seen, give you old magazines to sift through, it’s an odd process.

  14. We all sell "ourselves": be it our freedom (our present self, the time we dedicate to working for others), our property (our past self, reflected in our wealth and assets), and our life–only very rarely–(our future self). Selling your blood is, in itself, perfectly legitimate and no different from selling your hair or pee. The question is, as usual, complex. The problem is not whether some are selling blood… but whether the conditions those selling their blood find themselves into were created by the interference of political power in our lives…

  15. Maybe …If they need more revenue the Govermenrt could take away some of the many Tax Shelters for the rich! Will that ever happen… NAH! they would rather suck the blood out of the poor and destitute!

  16. Free market capitalism is not the problem Russell, that's what they want us to believe so they can crush free trade, innovation and middle class entrepreneurs, however, it is CRONEY Capitalism that's the problem, those that abuse the structure and who are linked to the elitist cabal and exploit the creative and authentic capitalist markets!!

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