This Is Getting Absurd! Are We Bringing Back Segregation Next?

Is this the world we want to live in? Only white people can voice act for white characters? Are we really bringing back segregation?

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. I would find it MUCH more offensive as an Autistic individual if any corporation ever decided to pull movies like Rain Man, Radio, Sybil, because of these stupid political correctness standards than knowing the people portraying these autistic individuals in the films weren't really Autistic. These Movies really helped highlight the plight and struggles of Autism. I dont care that these actors werent autistic, in fact i thank them for their performances because they made the movies memerable and helped get the real point across!

  2. I just imagine all the lawsuits that will come from shit like this.
    Job Interview…
    Employer: "I'd love to hire you. You have the exact voice we want but we can't."
    Potential Employer: "And why can't you?"
    Employer: "Because you're white/asian/whatever and our character is black/asian/white/whatever."

  3. I have no respect for Hank Azaria, he was never going to step down on his own accord, no he stepped down because a whiny bitch made a documentary that's the only reason. He is a fake and a sham. I think most simpsons and family guy fans are against woke culture so i look forward to the next seasons ratings for both shows

  4. It is getting absurd but guess what? Nobody in BLM or anyone who cares about actual racism gives a shit about this. Cops will still go on murdering unarmed black people regardless, it’s the elites trying to distract everyone so we don’t come for them. I know outrage is your schtick but you’re aiming at the wrong targets (probably on purpose though, let’s be real).

  5. Let's hire outerspace aliens to play Superman and hire the sun to play as the sunlight!!!! I'm planning to hire the color black to play as the darkness

  6. That show Jenny Slate is on is so gross no one should really be watching it. That's terrible about Apu though! His voice and mannerisms are so iconic. I'll never forget the episode where he temporarily lives at the Simpsons house and when he misses working at his store he sings that sad version of song on the roof; "WHO NEEDS THE KWIK-E MART? I DoOOOOoooOOOoOOOooooooOOOOOoo!" RIP!

  7. I guess this means there will never be a black James Bond. Thank the lord for that. Can we also get rid of black King Arthur, black Little Mermaid, and Muslim David Copperfield too please.

  8. Let this show just die already! it hasn't been relevant in 20 years when it should had ended 20 years ago with Behind the Laughter then become a soulless shambling rotting husk of it's former self known as Zombie Simpsons. Same for Family Guy and Spongebob as those need to die too.

    I've been a fan of The Simpsons since i was 5 when they debuted on Tracy Ullman and i was 7 when their own show debuted as a Christmas special and taped episodes from 1989 to September 2000. I remember Simpsonsmania in the 90s with the arcade games, the BK toys as a kid, a stuffed Bart i won in Vegas when i was 9 at Circus Circus, had some shirts, books, magazine, comic and all as Simpsons was glorious back then.

    Then after Season 11, i noticed the characters i know and love, no relatable characters, no soul, the humor was different and poor storytelling. I stopped watching The Simpsons on Fox in 2005 as it was getting stale/repetitive and sticking to Seasons 1 to 11 on DVD as in classic Simpsons when it had heart, satire, humanity, soul and excellent writing and smart sarcastic humor plus good characterization and memorable episodes. To me The last memorable episode worth a damn was Behind the Laughter and it should had ended there beautifully. I tired to watch a couple of episodes of Zombie Simpsons in 2013 and MY GOD they were horrendous and no longer what the show use to be.

    Let's face it, this show is no longer relevant in this century as it was in the 90s as the classic episodes still hold up nicely and are classics and excellent stuff. But not Zombie Simpsons (Seasons 12 to now) which needs to die.

    But i'm glad adult cartoons like bojack Horseman, King of the Hill, Futurama, Regular Show etc. ended as those shows knew when to quit before overstayed their welcome and become stale, repetitive corpses that are puppeted on strings (ala Weekend at Bernies) like The Simpsons, Spongebob and Family Guy. Call it quits Fox, Simpsons had a good run and had their time in the sun, now it's time to let it go.

    I’ve always loved the Simpsons but only in Seasons 1 to 11, but much like a terminally ill, suffering, but beloved old pet, it needs to be put out of its misery.

  9. This is happening in theater too. My girlfriend shared this thing about “you, as a white person, should not take a role in a play that was originally made for a black man” and she was so happy for it. But she is also happy about Hamilton coming to Disney plus. The movie where all of the politicians(like George Washington) were played by black people. I really don’t understand the double standard.

  10. What about Darth Vader? David Prowse learned all the lines, and spoke them well. BUT, his English accent wasn't threatening enough. So, James Earl Jones was hired to do the V/O. That WAS unfair to Prowse. He wasn't told they replaced his voice. He found out, when he saw the film. Prowse shouldn't of had to learn the script, if they weren't going to use his voice.

  11. Racism:

    1. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group

    So tell me, who is this directed AGAINST?

  12. This is soooooo bad. What the left are doing to this country is the exact opposite of Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs. message of "content of character." The west has lost it's mind.

  13. You can say they are technically yellow but they constantly refer to themselves as white in the show and people know this. That is a weak defence. And I don't think voice actors voicing their own race means that I'll be using a different toilet to white people anytime soon. BTW I also think that race doesn't matter when it comes to voice acting I just don't think the counter arguments were properly explained and a bit extreme.

  14. You're not gonna tell me that the George Floyd murder was preplanned. It's nothing more than an excuse for these people to enact these mandates.

  15. one comment says "its getting to a point where youre just not allowed to be white."

    this is the core of modern leftism. i dont care how you feel about abortion, guns, healthcare, the economy, literally anything. if youre white and vote democrat on any level, local, state or federal, you are actively spreading anti white sentiment in america that will and already has ended in racial discrimination (albeit mostly consensual..extorted is my opinion) and violence.

  16. (Voice )acting: to believably portrait yourself as something you are not. Therefore makes no sense to force the actor actually BE what they are ACTING.

  17. Doesn’t that go against the anti-discrimination acts we have in place that says a person cannot be hired/fired/overlooked for a job because of their race for a job they are capable of doing? It’s discrimination and segregation all over again. We’re not advancing we are regressing.