This Is Getting Ridiculous

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This Is Getting Ridiculous

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  1. US led Supremist-Colonists are Demonstrating the Enforcement of their RACIST Doctrine is predominantly governed by SPITE, AVARICE, ABUSE, UNWORTHY of TRUST, LACK of HONOUR & outright BARBARISM so HATEFUL that their own Self-Destruction is a distant second to all of the above – NOT People any DECENT Person would Willingly Associate with. There is a growing list of GANGSTER Nations whose Products I will not be buying so long as there is an Alternative, even if it costs more.

  2. EU so stupid ! They digging a deeper ans deeper hole foe all Europe . After the war , the west will be begging to do business with Russia ans China and India ….. west will just self destruct .

  3. Baja California Mexico may be one of the countries that is benefiting from this garbage prejudice nonesense..the beach is packed with huge yachts from the most wealthy Russians Mexico has become a paradise for investors…🤔

  4. The EU is an economic doom, the US cut its oil shipments to it because it's been needed internally due to an increase in demand due, in part, to a menacing cataclysmic draught in the southwest, while reserve oil is being used
    Things don't look good either, this side of the shore
    The price of gasoline is stepping up & may reach the unprecedented value of $5/gal, the next couple of months with the accompanying rise in value of everyday commodities

  5. Slave mentality.
    "Jim punished because of Jack. Fuck Jack", thinks the slave.
    "Jim punished because of Jack. Fuck Jim", thinks the oligarch – someone, who, at the end of the day, had to fight many battles to get to where they are. They aren't the pinnacle of morality. But they are very, very capable.

  6. There is a reason for the Euro clown club establishment. Someone needs to take charge of the BS that has been put out there. The number 1 business rule is if you are boycotting the business you are missing on the opportunity. This is why the west is sinking while the east is growing.

  7. I wholeheartedly thank the EU and welcome the real estate ban. The EU is doing the dirty work my government would've done years before had it been less liberal and open. Rich Russians should contribute to Russia's economy by buying property and paying taxes or to friendly economies if they choose to.

  8. More and more Russians are rebelling against their own officers and refusing to attack. Many have sabotaged their own tanks and the northern wing of the Russian Donbas pincer is in grave danger of having its supply lines severed possibly leading to the capture of 1/6th of the Russian Army in Ukraine.

  9. I do not have much knowledge in Real Estate, but l would think, as more EU sanctions Russia with not investing, nor being able to buy anything in EU as less they can confiscate, freeze and take away from Russia, and their money is used in their own vast country, and in Russian friendly countries. So, they are protecting RF from more harm.

  10. That'll teach those pesky Russians_/so they won't buy homes in that rain infested freezing in winter continent Europe, nope not anymore away off they go to buy villas in Thailand, India, place's with a nice climate good food and beautiful women, yeap off they go, sure taught those Putin lovin oligarchs a lesson they won't forget in a long time as they relax by the pool with a harem of gorgeous young.women around them,. yeah they'll regret what they did when they miss frozen Rainey Europe. Gee we taught them a lesson.they won't forget soon, and their villas will only cost a tenth of the price as rain swept london, yeap we sure taught those oligarchs a lesson they won't soon forget! T

  11. Brochures on European real estates are missing from the shelves at supermarkets . Russians are furious as the high society are looking forward to acquire most luxury properties in major cities . Good news for Ukrainians though . They’re queuing to takeover ………….

  12. I'll just leave this here

    Right now, there is “this false sense of stability,” said Maria Shagina, a visiting fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

    Russia is facing a deep recession, one the Bank of Russia says will be “of a transformational, structural nature.” The Finance Ministry has predicted the Russian GDP will shrink by about 8.8 percent in 2022. Inflation is expected to clock in as high as 23 percent this year. Russia is looking at a looming debt default. All of this will mean hardship for ordinary Russians, who are already seeing their real incomes shrink. Some tens of thousands have tried to flee, especially those in tech, prompting a potential “brain drain.” And these are the things we know; Russia will cease publishing a lot of economic data, a tactic, experts said, Moscow has used before to obscure the effects of sanctions.

    These sanctions, said Yakov Feygin, a political economy expert at the Berggruen Institute, are pushing Russia — a modern economy, integrated around the globe — back decades and decades

  13. Members of EU MUST SIGN OFF BAN – what a dictatorship. Russia is smiling.
    So there is more to buy by fascistic Zionists Zelenskys , which later can be confiscated, when Ukraine, what is left of Ukraine cannot pay back with interest rates US Weaponry leasing for future Generations.

  14. I think I've came to the conclusion that the E.U really has nothing to combat Russia with. If Russia is an supplier of a diverse commodities and the eu is quite the consumer then it becomes apparent who is the duck.

  15. The US had the opportunity to take Russia into its fold. They could have acceded to Russia's demands and concerns. But no, the US chose to create an enemy out of Russia. And now Russia has no choice but to align with China and India. And even Turkey.

  16. I am all for the US. Destroy the EU, since it has no right to exist as a substitute for the government of individual countries. The interests of Germany are not the same as the interests of Greece. Every country must only protect its own citizens.

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