This is getting scary….


Joe Biden talks about Donald Trump and his Brain Gives Out

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

P A T R E O N –

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

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Written by John Talks


  1. Thereisn't anyone in this country fobiding anyone from getting vaxed or wear a mask,this idiot just spoke a lie AGAIN

  2. I hope the Democrats have learned their lesson by now ?
    This is just the start of a fall for the Western world……
    But anyway now the all Americans can say, our government is bought and paid for….

  3. Funny biden said when trump was president he didn't trust the vaccination and kamala said shes not getting it ?what changed so quickly?

  4. Found a F–k Biden flag last night in a shop in San Diego. Lady in front of me at cashier had a melt down. Its a big flag that i will display proudly.

  5. I hope we all stand for our freedom. We are losing our rights on a daily basis. McDonald’s is destroying health, cigarettes related deaths are more than 400,000 a year. Do I want them to be forbidden? NO we need to make choices for ourselves. biden is A DICTATOR!

  6. People are entitled to personal choice..why the obsession to get us jabbed we are not dropping like flies and we never have been. .has gate and his buddies been jabbed

  7. Why hasn't the FDA approved it yet how the he'll can you mandate something that the goverment hasent even approved that's just stupid not to mention all those democrates Biden included that said they didn't trust the vaccine when trump was in office yet know it's the same vaccine yet all the sudden you trust it thier all hypocrites pathtic fake ads fools

  8. Why do people WANT the government to run every single aspect of our lives???? How can anyone POSSIBLY think this is a good thing? So many crazies running around!!!

  9. So now they're coming out and publicly stating that they're "coercing" private businesses to do the government's bidding…

    Could have sworn that was unconstitutional or illegal or something…

    They used to keep that shit secret…

  10. Biden has turned our nation into the laughing stock of the world. Those who think he is wonderful are idiots. It is not about vaccinations. It is about control.