This Is Hitting Epidemic Levels…


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  1. Oh gee they aren't coming for our kids. Directly goes for the kids.

    Here is a hint for you if you're a kind good person who happens to be non-binary. Keep it to yourself personally and treat it like it should be treated, an aspect of who you are not something to be proud of. And quit supporting the identity politics cult that is becoming more and more aggressive every day before they outright ruin it for all you folks. Going down this path is not a good way to garner tolerance for ethical ways you want to live, and it might in fact outright get some things changed in law as an extreme response to YOUR extreme responses that you don't even realize you are part of the problem of causing.

    You are already seeing this with extreme hyper-strict abortion laws being pushed in certain states because y'all took the defense of "woman's rights" far too seriously and overstepped your bounds. And I'm not saying this to be hurtful in any way, this is just a matter of fact. You are pissing off the people you do NOT want to piss off, and it's becoming very obvious from how the US Government and it's non-woke people are handling the woke crowd these days.

  2. Im not hearing about an increase in numbers. Just this year. Is it up from previous years? Or is it still around the same percentage?
    Something tells me since this joker left out details from previous years because it's not an epidemic but business as usual.
    What were the numbers from previous years?

  3. This is obviously becoming an issue because private charter networks want the slice of the pie that public schools are getting right now. So, you know, just hire teachers who will make the schools look bad.

  4. Gross. it's time for that national divorce. Normal people don't want these f***ed up people near their families. Has nothing to do with party politics but sadly the left has allowed these messed up people into their folds and now that is what represents them.

  5. Liberals ban words but conservatives deny climate change. Then you've got women upset about having to take accountability of their children and actions in general. Neither side is good so I'm fucking done with politics. I'll fucking vote for what's actually good for the country and not what might benefit one side or the other.

  6. "…. 'cause that's where the money is.":
    This iis a quote attributed to the infamous "bank robber" Willie Sutton.
    More on-topic:
    Schools, especially so-called "public schools", are primarily structured for "State indoctrination, and not for educating a mind.
    (And isn't it a bit odd that pedophilia, thanks to public education, mainstream media, etc., has become less frowned upon, in genral, than it once was by previous generations of people?)

  7. It’s time decent people made a stand. Just stop supporting anything to do with trans, woke, racist propaganda. These are the evils in our society. I’m not advocating physically harming anyone at all. Just simply don’t support it. When a trans, woke, racist commercial comes on my tv, I stop watching that channel for good. Any stores that display the lgbtq flag, I do not enter. Any time I hear or see “black owned this or that”, I pass. Imagine promoting anything as “white owned”. The person would not only be boycotted, they would be arrested, as well they should. The same should go for any race, color, creed who promotes anything strictly on a racial basis. Simply stop supporting it.

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