This Is How Bad Things Are

Mandatory “anti-racism” training from the woke racists is being forced upon MPs, now. Why are we funding this?

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  1. Wow I never thought ,what would make the UK illiberal black identatrains thats wow well than count is identity politics 700 and colour blind liberalism 0 and dead

  2. You're coming at this from the angle that these people are racist, just based off of the face-value principles they espouse, but if you zoom out and look at the big picture, these people are also literal colonialists with a pretty corporate-backed face as well. In Britain there's the Slave Labour Party running slave labor sweat shops in Leicester that you covered. In the US, all of the neocon Deep State war crime state-terrorist military imperialists conducting regime change and occupying the entire Middle East have all coalesced into the One True global multinational corporatist party, as have the neolib sweat shop open borders colonialists using narco terrorists to traffick illegal immigrant sex slaves (including children) into the US and claiming on hyper-woke Late Night from Political Indoctrination Central that "the US agriculture industry would collapse!" if not for all this illegal indentured servant and debt slave and outright-slave labor.

    The real reason they hate Donald Trump, is because he wants to sanction China and Iran, the neocons' favorite pet expansionist evil villains needed to justify arms sales to "allies" in Asia and the Middle East being played from both sides. Not to mention, their consolidation of all global classes into just two main classes, the unaccountable shadow-banking multinational Corporatists, and the Underclass, with of course the fun little cabal of 0.1%-ers hiding in plain sight at the very top, using first offshoring, and now automation. Donald Trump has stepped in to try and stop the offshoring to some avail, and someone like Andrew Yang (someone way less statist hopefully) or Elon Musk will be needed in the near future to fight them on the automation front as well. They want that giant global Underclass. They NEED IT.

  3. This is why I've been saying BREXIT IS IRRELEVANT. The globalist tyranny EU was going to bring about is brought in through COVID Tyranny. You SHOULD have called out Covid Tyranny, but like many in the alternative media, you TOO were too scared to call this scam out, and the Government is doing a massive power grab to bringing about Technocratic Tyranny!

  4. As if this is real life… a little shocked right now by how much real life politics is being swayed by the social justice warriors we thought were confined to the internet and social media. This is genuinely scary stuff.

  5. It's no wonder people like Trump get elected when everyone is so afraid of fighting baseless accusations they capitulate or don't bother learning what these people are about!
    A spine is sorely lacking in politics.

  6. We've had that problem for such a long time over here in the U.S. All these politicians with the right letter next to their name but not doing anything. The biggest contribution Trump has made is forcing these people to show up and vote so that we can see who is and who isn't actually doing their job.

  7. What’s happening in both the UK and the US is exactly what Yuri Bezmenov warned us about. This is the attempt by the radical Marxist left to take control of our countries. To destroy everything our nations stood for, everything which made them great. My fucking ass Britain is racist. History has clearly (and intentionally) been forgotten. Britain was the nation that ended the international slave trade. British lives were lost fighting against slave traders. But yeah we’re a nation of racists. I currently live in the US but I am and always will be British. Several generations of my family fought and died for Britain. This Britain, that allows these Marxist ideals of self hate, was not what the country they fought for. Britain needs it’s own Donald Trump. A politician who’s not afraid to stand up to these morons. Someone to stand up and say enough.

  8. I'm not sure what to make of this. On one hand it is so crass and trivial. I mean "Parlireach" are they sending themselves up or what. Or are they so brain dead they don't know what they are saying. Or are they just after the dollar, just another politico-industry. I think the correct repose is to keep them in sight and laugh at them.

  9. fun fact: anti-hydrogen behaves a lot like hydrogen, and it doesn't have to collide with hydrogen to annihilate, it can annihilate with any normal matter, like oxygen, arsenic, etc.

    Make the antifa joke yourself, I've done the heavy lifting.

  10. Sargon's discovering that most "conservative" movements just move the goalposts for conservatism in order to say that they're "conservative" but also keep that power that the progressives gave the government. Look at US Conservatism for such an example; US Conservative speakers and thinkers moved the goalposts of conservatism to attract gays to their ideology and are now seriously considering to let mentally ill trans people be a serious voting bloc instead of the insanity we all know them to be. All the while calling anyone who still holds to the values of 10 or more years ago to be bigots, racists and sexists. Modern movement conservatives are a joke, and are no better than progressives.

  11. Black Klansman was actually a decent movie until the end when they tried to tie everything from the past to now. And the story itself is quite interesting, a black man infiltrating the Klan by proxy.

  12. Notice how things like "Black Lives Matter," "Southern Poverty Law Center," "Patriot Act," "AntiFa" and "Unconscious Bias Training" have all been named so that stupid laymen (who don't actually don't know anything other than the title) will automatically back the thing?

    Black is white. Fear is freedom. Contradiction is truth.

  13. It's bad enough that this is happening in many US institutions, but the UK is a natively white country. If there is a preference for white people to take pride in themselves and what is unquestionably their country, the woke crowd will just have to shut up and deal with it.

  14. The current government is all about getting Brexit done. They did (still in the waters) and they have nothing else to do. So time for them to kiss ass to the Woke Leftists.