This is how Police ARRESTED her ‘for not wearing a mask’

Meanwhile in Melbourne.


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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


  1. Avi mate you have to stop letting the police off for these unacceptable things they do just because the rich and powerful tell them to do it, I bet they wouldn't jump off a cliff if they were told to. they don't want to do it don't do it but don't make excuses for these people because at the end of the day they are human beings just like the rest of us, they know the difference from right and wrong and if they don't they certainly should not be police.

  2. seeing someone in a mask disgusts me. Seeing elderly sucking on dirty cloths disgusts me. See families wearing fashionable masks disgusts me. Yet my bare happy face disgusts them!

  3. If this were my wife or daughter, this asshole wouldn’t have made it through his shift. The police are nothing more than an occupying force of domestic terrorists and here is one more video proving it. Looks like it’s worldwide.

  4. That's a first. Can't say that I've ever seen a cop dragging a female down the footpath by the throat before. Where was he taking her? If he wanted to restrain her, then why not do that where they were initially?
    One thing we do know for sure is that the female cop is useless.

  5. That’s Dan Bongino x cop and secret service agent great guy he knows what’s up She should have went for his eyes or throat punch ???????????????????????????

  6. Like a mask would stop the virus. The virus blows right through ! let our governments stop the virus in a correct way . Not by blaming citizens with nonsense rules ! They put money first , then public health

  7. Nothing justifies choking someone. BLM and world over riots and protests have happened due to the police choking someone to death. Police should not have the right to choke anyone. That's serious life threatening assault.

  8. If the police was innocent the police will auto show the body cam to clear themselves like what they always do but when guilty they try there best to hide the facts. 'they lost the footage' i Evan bet nothing happened to that mail police officer. Melbourne should stand up to police abusing there power

  9. I live in Kentucky in America… the cops do this all the time to black men and women. accept, they simply shoot them for no reason. What if she had a medical reason??? Wow! The cops are coming down on white people???? They are crazy. Cops don't have enough to do??? Same in America. We need to get rid of the police. Period. Lest you forget, we pay their salaries.

  10. It *IS* the cops fault. He can use discretion and not be an utter dickwad. It's disgusting enough when the higher-ups make rules like this, but when individual cops sink to this level it shows they are little robots who don't think for themselves. Same as the Nazi soldiers "just following orders".

  11. it looks like hes practicing. for the weekend when he will perhaps tell the wife he has to attend a conference, and he will drive to another town, a different town than he told the wife. Then he wont have to hold back, he can live it out fully and experience that catharsis he so yearns for, looking deeply into the eyes, as the light fades away and the pupils dilate one last time. seriously, im getting predator vibes.

  12. No matter what she did he had no right to do that to her. He is a giant dude attacking a female. What do you mean it's not the police force fault. What's wrong with you Avi. He was choking her. Victoria gone to the Dogs

  13. Totally agree this absolutely over the top especially for Australia. I didn’t realise the Vic police had adopted Israeli security force tactics for arresting Palestinian children. You been giving them lessons Avi?