This Is How They Take Over


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Warning : Seek the Lord Jesus with all your hearts souls . expose the darkness with the Breathe of Christ! Pray without ceasing! God wants all to be saved.I pray God brings many more to the fullness of the truth in Christ Jesus.+
    Russell you have a tatoo of the demon goddess , on your arm. Remove it and seek the Lord Jesus. and any other false god which are demons. Jesus is Lord.

  2. Peeps… seriously it you think digital ID is something new we need to talk. I could find the history of most people's careers in the B2B space when I had access to a trillion+ record database. Think about how much more complex people jumping from job to job is than someone who has lived at the same address for a couple/few decades. When's the last time you changed your phone number?

  3. Hopefully, as the truth is revealed and the lies exposed, the troglodytes that prop up this criminal regime will either be convinced or forced to confront the veracity of what the rest of us have been aware of for the last two years. And once they do that, they will come to realize that the reasons behind all of the problems in America can be laid at their feet. Then maybe they'll even have the decency to be ashamed.

  4. People will call this a conspiracy theory . These things are not really conspiracies. They are just the way things roll. You could call religion a conspiracy or even activism a conspiracy. Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats it's their job. You have to keep an eye on them all. The worst are people who are determined the world will only work in a certain way accompanied by a utopian ideology. Often the idea is that we are not meant to have to solve problems, we have fallen from a state of grace that we must return to. This appears to be a mesmerising train of thought for us humans that is difficult to break. It comes with it's own history and reasoning. Problems are not necessarily a sign that you have strayed or are evil they are a sign that you are alive.

  5. Russell please pull up The Anglo Saxon Mission on YT posted 12 years ago by Bill Ryan he talks about how they were going to release a virus on China causing a global pandemic and what follows is nuclear war.

  6. It’s been more than two years since I notice how suspiciously the Canadian Pm was getting away with all the scandals and the mis management of taxpayers money. And now all is confirmed that the obvious talking and his behaviour is about him to be a global leader __all about the money and power. Corruption couldn’t be more defined.

  7. My comments to this page are being blocked/deleted. Why? There is nothing offensive or "inappropriate" in them – no "hate speech" or "bad language" etc.
    Every time I post a comment discussing the subject of the video, my comment is visible (to me) on the page. But when I refresh the page, it is no longer there. So there's obviously a censoring filter being applied here that's blocking posts containing specific words or phrases.

  8. Many thousands of us knew the Pandemic was a front or at least an opportunity. I read about the possibility of this in 2019. Ill be honest I didn't know how at the time it would affect us all.

  9. Looking inside your self because being your own master for peace and joy. Recognise your weakness and strength and playing to your strengths of your own heart stream. Following your guide not thier guilt other will lay at your door. Because a higher beings in through word and deed. Help us much more than following an aimless government how wants control of the people power. Everybody can become higher in their actions. Slowly because your true sense without being influenced by others is true master. Being caring for you and other. You put your mind and body to this task. It going to get cold that what my guide say. My angle say.

  10. Now we only need “The Mark Of The Beast” to arrive, it will be interesting to see how they will “Convince” people to take/Accept that?
    Maybe they will just use Threats, because that’s what they do best!

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