This Is Melbourne – Protest Moments – Joel Gilmour – FREEDOM FOR VICTORIA OFFICIAL

These are raw moments from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Where people that are trying to stand up and fight for their rights and freedoms, are attacked by their own police that are supposed to be protecting their citizens. They are shot at, capsicum sprayed, and beaten. But it’s all for your health. 😒

All footage filmed by Joel Gilmour – Freedom For Victoria


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  1. peace and respect are ignored, a boot in a face can not be justified, the box is open people we are all in this together now, all as in the King and the slave, the Creator has given us the ultimate weapon, "The Earth", and the Earth is the witness of the Creator, the rich and poor both have no place to hide, those bases underground will not be safe to hide, the Alps in Switzerland will not be safe, the depths of the Ocean will not be safe, No place will be safe and the indigenous people throughout the world know that this day would come and no one or the governments or the elite believe what is coming, If there is no peace and no respect and equity with unity planet Earth will no longer support life for HUMANS, the Earth will be ok she has been through worse, life continues and the Earth will regenerate all human life will cease to exist, and this is what happens when the human ego becomes to enveloped by his own creation, there are laws for everything and penalties apply, but remember one thing the Earth and the Creators Lore is "Absolute", no mercy as they are the universal lores long before man came on the scene, this medical emergency is trivial to what is coming, if most people were conscience about what is coming they would be enjoying their love of family, community, friends and fellow man. Simplicity is not your ways so we are at this point, and no one can hide this time and we are all in this together.

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