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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. I wonder if my fellow New Yorkers believe that it is a recovery when we are labeled the least affordable city in the United States. That is definitely evidence of a recovery! I love the metrics used here. Knowing that the distance between myself and the classic American dream is farthest here than anywhere else in the nation most certainly gives me butterflies in my stomach.

  2. Lots of economy news is bullshit. E.g., "millennials can't afford a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs on minimum wage, despite efficiency apartments being affordable," but this takes the cake.

  3. CPI index tracks everything but
    – Housing prices/rent
    – medical bills/insurance
    – student debt

    but it does track the cost of bacon. cackles like Mr. Krabs

  4. Every "news' outlet has their orders to frame this shit show in the best light possible. It's actual gaslighting happening at a ridiculous scale. I don't understand how people are stupid enough to buy this crock of ish. Then again, I'm sure there are millions of people out there who are trying their best to pretend that everything is fine after "orange man" was "defeated" and not own up to the fact that they were stupid enough to believe the medias non stop lies that led us here to begin with. But hey, no more mean tweets, right?

  5. The media just gaslights the public and it really depends on absolute MORONS who vote for the same fucking politicians to screw them over once again.

  6. In the 80s, when NYC was busily going bankrupt, there were all kinds of people, worldwide that tried to help. The, "I [heart] NY" hats and T-shirts because ubiquitous. Broadway shows suddenly started inserting pro-NYC songs and lyrics ( Annie's "NYC" comes to mind ). I don't hear ANYBODY giving a rat's behind supporting NYC today. The city has used-up and disposed of all that good will. I really don't see how it can recover.

  7. The value of the item is not based off of what you willing to SELL it for, but off of how much people are willing to BUY it.
    Thats economic 101…

  8. You'd think that city officials would be terrified at hearing theirs is the "least affordable" city in which to live. Sounds like a recipe for a lot of empty businesses, and- oh.