This Is Not OK

As Pfizer announce profits of nearly $40bn from the most lucrative medicine in history – what kind of precedents have been set by putting big pharma in charge of the global vaccine rollout?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Big Pharma – This is NOT okay! Why can’t people see this and stop glorifying Pfizer. I’ll be forced to pour more money into their pockets by vaccinating my 3 kids in order to enroll them in school this Fall. Fucking bullshit.

  2. What does Pfizer being a shitty capitalistic POT have to do with Joe Rogan? Are you trying to boost his viewership or something? There's no dichotomy between Joe Rogan being a shitty source of information and recognizing that Pfizer is a trashy piece of the pharmaceutical industry. Both can be bad at the same time.

  3. Russell Brand, I don't know if you have ever looked it up but if not pull up Pfizer's criminal convictions record. Over 73 convictions. For crimes like fraud, bribery of public officials, lying about the efficacy of their products, off label use, hiding the dangerous and deadly side effects, etc. But NO ONE sent to prison. Only had to pay pocket change in fines. The court even ruled them a Habitual Offender. Because as we know that Big Pharma (and war Profiteers) are the biggest donors of our corrupt, greedy elected officials.
    AND THAT'S WHO OUR GOVT WANTS US TO TRUST TO INJECT US WITH THEIR DANGEROUS AND DEADLY EXPERIMENTAL MRNA INJECTIONS. Even after 900,000 adverse events, and over 26,000 PERMANENTLY DISABLED, and over 22,000 DEATHS after taking this poison. And that's in the US alone.
    Now, that tells us just how fucking concerned our Govt officials and their political hacks are about our "Health and Safety."
    Just know that back in 1973 our Govt officials took one of their "vaccines" off the market after 53 people died during the CDC Swine flu hoax. And they didn't try to mandate that INJECTION. This one, over 22,000 dead AND They're trying to make it mandatory. Even though it does not make you immune or prevent transmission. AND for a virus that has over a 99.97 SURVIVAL RATE.

  4. So public money created the virus; public money paid for the press coverage; public money paid for the 'vaccine,' and private companies made private profits while politicians received massive tax free dividends… how convenient.

  5. "Most lucrative medicine in any given year in history" And it's was still an experimental drug.
    I'll never understand people that took it "so they can travel" and think that's freedom.

  6. All government and systems are all the same, just under a different name. What difference is there between this and anything else? Nothing. It is all design to make it seem as if people have any choice. An illusion, basically.

  7. Wait a minute, wasnt it early last year or even in 2020 where stories were coming out about Pfizer was blackmailing poor countries and demanding they sign over municipal buildings, airports and industries,etc to world bank or to pfizer or something in exchange for the "vaccine" drugs? Like they were some kind of junkie and had to sacrifice their nations valuables and sign stuff over like collateral to a loan shark.

  8. Thank you! You are ALWAYS so kind and accurate with everything allowing people to take what you say and make their own opinion. It's like my favorite podcast NO Agenda ❤ here in Oregon USA with phycho Kate Brown we trying keep our heads up🤍🤍 thank you as always! I watch every video for months now🔥🔥

  9. Follow the money in all of this and you'll see all the lies and corruption. Governments have been lying to us from the beginning and have used this to take away rights and to turn us against each other. It's disgusting. I do regret getting the vaccine. I regret being pressured into getting a vaccine I knew was rushed with zero long term studies about possible side effects or long term efficacy. And now we're supposed to get boosters? Fuck off.

  10. This is what I’ve been saying for sometime. Seems so glaringly obvious. Yet, I have to be careful who I say it too. Especially when in groups. Our country’s(USA) military industrial complex, big pharma and oil have kept us at war for the past 20 years by lobbying our politicians and other countries politicians, who strangely have shares in these companies. And we are supposed to trust these companies and people? I thought this is what progressives were attacking for years? Yet now they seem to be under the spell of these same entities and people.
    Thanks RB for attacking this thing in an intelligent manner. Avoid the booby traps!

  11. Also nobody speaks about there vaccine liability protection from our own government legislation many yrs ago and he was a democrat from Massachusetts a Kennedy

  12. I feel that pharmaceutical compaines should make huge profits totally tax free! That's right, tax free! The drugs that are produced by companies continue with us for eternity and benefit mankind not just in this year but forever. The benefits to mankind far exceed the relatively meager profits they make before the patents run out. So, obviously, the more capital that makes it into the development of new, and often life saving, drugs the more of these drugs we'll have in the future. Knowing how to convert a sack of chemicals into something that saves lives, improves lives, for eternity is the cheapest way to reduce the overall cost of healthcare by keeping people out of hospitals and doctor offices. Too many of the socialist minded people forget the big picture, in my opinion; drugs are good and benefit us all, forever. Our kids and grandkids…all derive the benefits of drugs produced today. Now, with respect to this vaccine, Pfizer, among others, saved the world TRILLIONS of pounds in lost productivity and basically was the single brightest light in the darkest of days of the pandemic. By my scale, the 40BN profit they made is a very cheap price to pay for what they actually provided. Oh, sure, now that the vaccine seems like an old hat, now that we've all had a few, OH MY, we should rag on the industry's profits. They pretty much save the world from total economic collapse but we've got to give them sh*t for making a profit! So small minded…

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