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  1. I'm always surprised at the number of people that think I'm an idiot because I didn't spend a quarter of a million dollars on a sheet of paper.

  2. It took me 15 years to pay off my student loans and I probably paid triple what I was loaned. But I knew going into it that there was no guarantee that I was going to get a great job and be able to pay it off quickly. That is the chance you take. If I had it over to do again, I would have gone to a trade school, not incurred a big debt, and probably would have made a lot more money in my lifetime. Bottom line is, if you take the loan, pay it back! Just because you made poor decisions in life does not mean everyone else should have to pay for your poor decisions by paying your loan back for you. I paid mine, you pay yours!

  3. I graduated HS and got my diploma first try. It was hard and I was in special ed classes. Tried one normal class, I was so far behind it was amazing how lost I was. I then got into college (community), 3 years in and with no student loans, I figured out ‘Hey, I’m not going to pass and get a general degree. The tutoring is not working and not from a lack of trying.” So I dropped out and got a manual labor job. Honestly way smarter than taking on student loans. I want to get learned in specific areas, but I am going to find alternative ways to learn rather than through college. College is not for me, and I can accept it.

  4. 1. Paying off student debts adds to your credit score.
    2. You are choosing to go to that path, you are being educated, you should pay it off yourself.

    And yes, I did go post secondary, my career didn't pan out, I am still paying the fucker off 10 years later and I am OK with doing so. About a year ago, my local government was like, it is messed up to charge interest on these loans, so removed it. That I find reasonable. But to pay it off outright? Nah, expand your horizons on your own dime.

    And if they do it, I demand a refund for the past 10+ years.

  5. Silly Americans. Free college is only for migrants.
    You and your kind are no longer wanted. And even better, were going to say it's because you dont want to work.
    The workers have no power if they are simply replaced en masse every couple generations.

  6. It is the governments fault we have the mess that is student loans. Joe Biden had a big hand in creating this mess. Student loans should be reserved for high value positions. Not so that you can have a professor tell you that the definition of a woman is someone that identifies as a woman.

  7. I just paid off my student loans, i graduated in 2012 for context. it's doable(i pretty much ignored the debt collectors and paid them the money in a few lump payments), the system in place does not help but it is doable and we can work towards making it much easier for people to pay it back like extending the grace period before repayment from 2 years up to 10 years. let people advance their careers, save up their money, and build their wealth.

  8. I got suckered into a higher career course which meant more loan debt. The "tech" school that setup the federal aid had a "guidance counselor" that was supposed to provide an aptitude test to make sure you qualify for the course you are taking. When the counselor seen I was barely halfway through the test and with times up, It was certain I wasn't naturally fit for my course. The counselor came up to me and started telling me the answers to the aptitude test. I was stoked about the "amount I will make" when I graduate. My friend who graduated a year or so ahead of me said they were full of it when he got in the field.
    That day I was only 18 pushed out of the nest by parents, to go to college… My family doesn't have money to pay for it, so a loan was issued.
    During going to that school, I found that a handful of the professors didn't give a rats ass. Here's a book. Read it.. Do the assignment. Half the time professors wouldn't even show up.
    Our database professor even bragged about earning over 400k/yr outside of teaching at that school, and said he doesn't give a shit if they fire him.. He talked trashed about that school hard. All the men failed in that class, and all the girls passed. Was very odd.
    When family and living situation with life changes where I was forced to relocate living situation, I couldn't attend that school anymore. I was closer to a community college, but the school "cannot translate the credits" to the other school, despite there being same courses. I've dropped out, because I learned that the school was a piece of shit, and I didn't learn anything that I couldn't teach myself to learn. I found that there are schools out there that are basically scams. "College Scheme Racket" is absolutely right.
    I think the schools that profit off the racket should cough up some of that money. Especially if they don't transfer your credits elsewhere, and you never earned a degree with them.

    My debt is about doubled now after 20 years due to interest, so if they forgive any of it, they damn well better forgive the interest as well.
    I don't expect them to payback any sort of the phantom "loan" money towards my debts.

  9. Other than meeting people I wouldn't have otherwise met, I have been seriously wondering as of late what the point my college degree was when it hasn't gotten me beyond a retail job that I could have gotten without a degree.

  10. I have a 60 year old friend who was upset when Biden went back on his promise to cancel student loan debt. She, at age 60, even thought it was a good idea to take out more loans, believing that Biden would use my blue collar tax dollars to bail out a senior citizen liberal arts student. Sorry dear, you have to honor your promises, and at age 60, you should know better.

  11. My boss never finished high-school and owns multiple businesses and is doing very well. I know others that never finished h/s that are making way more than people from school

  12. Educated stupid person! lol… perfect description.
    We had an engineer where I work designing a system that had one major flaw, pointed out by a high school drop-out no less.
    That flaw was GRAVITY, never even took it into concideration lol.

  13. I'm a Brit so i don't pretend to understand your education system, but surely if you forgive student debt then you can't expect future students to pay for their college education, on top of that i would imagine people who already payed for theirs would have a case to reclaim that money.

  14. I studied chemical engineering. I'll always remember sitting in the library and hearing a group of people next to me complaining about how difficult their dance project was going to be.

    I think that may have been the start of me moving away from standard university left wing views.

  15. I know of at least three family members who have masters degrees associate's degrees and more I'm quite sure they would love for you as a taxpayer to pay off their debts. And no none of my family members are actually doing the kind of work that they went to get the degree for.
    I know that my family members would be better off if the country paid off their debts but hell I wouldn't even pay off their debts!!
    Worthless degrees that they're not even using and yes the terminology professional student does exist!!!
    And that's all people do is go to college classes accumulate debt and get multiple degrees in things that are never going to use!!!!

  16. Hell no! 1) why should blue-collar people pay for someone else to get a professional degree ? 2) have you seen the idiot libtards that universities produce? It's not a sound investment. 🤨

  17. I graduated in 02 and I remember students freaking out because they didn’t get into the “college” they dreamed of going to. Lefties glorify college and at the same time tell teenagers to have fun, disrespect authority and screw around in high school don’t take it serious. It’s a double edged sword. I make more than 95 percent of my graduating class

  18. I had student loans but unlike these lazy entitled brats I paid them off. I didn't need someone else to pay it for me. I understood what a loan is but these brats ignore the basis of what a loan is suppose to do. It's not free money that you're never suppose to pay back it's a promise that you intend to pay it back with interest.

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