This is Pathological: Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on ‘NOT’ Building a Wall – Viva Clips

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  1. How can they return money when they had to fulfill the contracts? The ones they had contracts with did not break the contract so don't they have to have it fulfilled by the government? Where did they get that money she is talking about because wouldn't those contractors sue them for breaking the contract? It was a contract job right? I know reporters probably don't know the ins and outs of contracts but it wouldn't be hard for them to look up government contracts, right? Also with the majority of the walls were done in the high traffic areas what exactly did they get money back for? Suppliers aren't going to take back materials, it is not Walmart and that is not how business is done. How stupid do they think we are? What mess was it? I still don't know how they can get money back from the "mess" because the government does not own construction companies they were all contractors.
    Our military is so small compared to 2 years ago, so why do they need more money to pay the soldiers, so if not paying soldiers what are they paying money to in the military… Is that the Ukraine's military? The USA military has seen no money come to them.

    Still reminds me of the 1970s T-shirt "IF YOU CAN'T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH BULL SHIT" This is the motto of the 2020 office holders.. NOTHING is built back better… how can you build back when you have destroyed everything with no purpose or plan to re-build? Oy Vey!!!
    I thank God for you and Rob, yall help me realize that I am not the nut job in this stuff, they are and if they WORK FOR US how can we fire these idiots?
    <3 tal

  2. The people of north America, Canada and USA for those not sure, need to stop voting for Democrats/Liberals and NDP in Canada. We tried protests and they don't work. It's no longer about voting for the best guy but voting to get these globalist tyrants out of office,

  3. If walls don't work why do most homeowners put up fences around their yards? Eh? These leftist politicians are all useless, greedy self serving human being.

  4. They're not finishing anything. They're just continuing what they used Trump to also continue what Obama was continuing from W…
    Governments will oppress populations for exactly as long as they are allowed to do so.
    Ideology is the enemy of critical thinking.

  5. Tyrannical Trolls are NUTS, Grown Underground, don't harvest. The People's Wall, Left in a "Mess", has Allowed Illegals to Enter the US, COSTING Millions more … but – JOE says Our Wall "Took Away" Money from areas .. NOW Need More.

  6. Have they redefined insider trading yet? Perhaps we the people could redefine insurrection or Civil War…..And they're not destroying the country but just reallocating funds from the middle class to the wealthy.

  7. The reason this is so astonishingly pathetic is because there are people out there who actually support these pathetic excuses for "leaders". The democrat party has become the motherload of incompetence and bad ideas, yet there are literally people out there watching CNN and MSNBC who think that they're just great. Look at the approval rating… it's at 56% disapproval…. HOW IN GOD'S NAME IS IT NOT AT LEAST 85% – 95%. How are there people who actually think what these absolute idiots are doing is good on any level? They're forcing through an "inflation reduction" bill that IS LITERALLY THE SAME THING THAT HAS CAUSED INFLATION. Actually it's far worse! They say they're not raising taxes while creating 87,000 new IRS jobs… If you're not raising taxes, why in god's name do you need to hire 87,000 new IRS agents? They've gone beyond gaslighting to flat out lying because they know the mainstream media will carry all the water in the world for them.

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