This Is Possibly The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen…


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  1. Doesn’t surprise me -only the gullible would fall for this-this crap was set up -Republicans are dumb -you would think that at the party level they would have seen this coming -and we are amazed at the bad shape the country is

  2. Looking at that chart the D got most of the votes anyway so even if they didn't have RCV the D would have won. It's why incumbents run un opposed in elections they don't want a split party vote. Nothing wrong going on here. Palin and Begich should have worked this out beforehand so this wouldn't have happened.

  3. In Sweden they do the REVERSE… The Woke Invader-friendly parties Join their votes like people are voting for one
    Usually its 3-4 parties that join all their votes together as one. Ok, after they ''win'' they decide who among the parties will Keep on destroying Sweden….. This is why the Swedish Democrats can NEVER win. They stand alone in a sea of Traitors that joined hands.

  4. 4:10 isn't that how elections work anyway? If Trump and DeSantis ran against eachother in 2024 with Biden as a third pick, they'd split the vote and, even though cumulatively they'd have more votes, since they're running as 2 different individuals, they'd have diluted eachothers votes. Doesnt sound like the ranked choice is dumb so much as it was stupid to have 2 choices for Republicans.

    All the Republicans had to do was do the same thing. What was stupid is splitting your vote. I would like you to do a better breakdown of this. The problem wasn't the system, the problem was Republicans shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. That’s what happens when you have 2 of the same party candidates vs 1 of the other party. People are split on who they want while the single party member get all their votes….don’t do this crap again it’s a win for the dems. Sarah should have crushed the dem. Instead they’re(dems) are lol. Pick a party member and back them. No more multiple choices for a party.

  6. If the people in Alaska didn't understand rank choice voting before, I'm sure they understand it now. Thankfully her term is less than 6 months. With that said look how much destruction occurred in Biden’s 1st 6 month's.

  7. Just want to point out as an Alaskan, Begich is not a republican. He comes from a rich democratic family. Anyone who knows Alaskan politics are aware of this. He is by no means a conservative. Republican in name only.

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