This is REALLY f*cked up | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Would you put a microchip in your hand to carry your medical information? Vaccine passport? Bank account information? People in Sweden don’t seem to mind and this may be up next for the Chinese government but would you want it? This is exactly what the World Health Organization has been itching for and we want no part of it.

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  1. When the gov want to punish a person because they not obeying their rules, they will cut the person chip off. Its not for me. Thats why Pelosi went to Taiwan to check on the US batch

  2. I understand people falling for the so called "advantages" it brings. However my problems with this are:
    – it makes the wearer dumber
    – it makes the wearer much less self reliant
    – it entangles the wearer into an incredible SW/hw/service dependency tree which all by itself ,imho, negatively more than offsets all the potentially positive stuff.

    I think that if I e disregards the above points then it shouldn't matter if it's hacked by any gov or whoever else. Because of course it will, after all it's just a human invented communication protocols who's security can be broken with a piece of human written SW that can and will be compromised as it gets more complex.

  3. We’re marching towards a man made apocalypse. People don’t realize this mankind playing god. Last being who challenged god was thrown out of heaven.

  4. I am from Sweden and it aint that commen to be chipped as far as i know. Not yet anyway. We have cards to use bus, underground train as un example. We have small plastic keyblipp to get in through the entrence at your house. Many stores and food takeout only take your Visacard or Swich through your phone. Otherwise the chip Technologies are still quite few.

  5. "A perverse and wicked generation seeks after a sign or symbol, but no sign shall be given to them but the sign of Jonah." As Jonah was cast into hell (the belly of a giant fish) so will this generation also go through hell, until they concede, "salvation is of the Lord (of Heaven)!"

  6. I just heard you say that Swedes are OK with this – a chip under the skin.
    I am Swede and I can promise you Swedes in general are not OK with that. I have heard about it one single time, a young girl who had a chip in her hand.
    We are many who are scared about the vaccin for many reasons, one of them because of a possible chip in it.

    Otherwise I like your site very much. 👍

  7. Even people from Sweden shouldn't trust the government absolutely, they don't know which left-wing orientation is popular tomorrow, and they should be scared of what has happened in Germany.

  8. Part of biblical prophecy. Christians be FREAKING OUT! Jesus is coming. The chip or mark of the beast as told in Biblical prophecy. Personally I wouldn't want a tracker in me, but who's to say??? It isn't already there? Just breath and keep living…

  9. So has anyone else noticed all the new cameras on the highways and in town or is it just us conspiracy theorists? Have you noticed all the ppl that have cancer or have died RANDOMLY of heart problems? Have you noticed the ppl being silenced were right about the miscarriages and the extremely high %of babies born after mothers were given the injections w problems? Of course you haven’t. If you want to take it go for it- but there needs to be a place for those that refuse to live free of this lunacy. Like it or not EVERYONE deserves the life choice to live like a slave microchipped and stocked high in 500 sq ft apts or to live without the corruption and free.

  10. Our ID has medical insurance info and for non- citizens have their resident info on that ID as well. So why dont they just put everythng on an ID?
    I was in UK recently, and their underground was easily accessable via visa or MC.
    These ppl have another agenda using the "easy access" is the marketing to lure ppl.

  11. Mr & Mrs Clayton, you are an inspiration to me & countless others . I cant imagine working as a couple , i wouldn't get a word in.
    As for implants, some women suit them some not.

  12. Church mixes the 2gospels must see Jim brackin and Ron knight and steave Atwood and Jim devney and Richard Jordan and Lesfeldick ministries explains church mixes the 2gospels

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