This is ridiculous.

Free Novak!

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  1. We can't have celebrities & public figures who demonstrate free will & bodily autonomy. Nope. Any dissent must be punished publicly.

    It is almost as if they realize they're losing ground, but refuse to alter their approach.

  2. When will the U.S. lift the vaccine mandate for international travelers that are unvaccinated? They have lifted the "testing" mandate for all international travelers. The U.S. is behind and it's rediculous. Anyone know or have heard of any news that the government will repeal this mandate?

  3. In Canada the government is now telling people with two vaccines that they are no longer considered vaccinated.
    The media and government will be pushing vaccine rollout campaigns again in the fall.
    We will be ordered to submit to this or lose our freedoms again.

  4. It has nothing to do with health, it is unhealthy to do those untested vaccines that thousands have suffered from side effects. They do it to abuse power and establish themselves as the saviors on those stupid sheep that are easily scared.

    I have seen an idiot in my village sitting in his own home that he lives alone wearing a fking mask… in a village where the nearest house is like 60~70 meters away from his.

  5. Wimbledon blanket bans Russian players and strips them of ranking points.
    Ok, so the woman who’s born in Russia but changes her nationality to Kazakhstan gets to win
    But Djokovic who was born in SERBIA and was never Russian in the first place can’t be allowed to win
    Imagine the west promotes cultural diversity so much, but can’t tell Serbia and Russia apart

  6. This is why I don’t wish any American happy Independence Day. This generation hasn’t earned it.
    When the UK allows people in without experimental treatment, but the USA doesn’t, I think I’d rather be on the losing end of the American war of independence – at least I’m more free.
    Wake up America!

  7. He should make A go of IT Mate, just say that he is and see it happen how many of us here in Los Angeles county have not listen to any of the God dam rubbish on any of the God dems and the ass kissing secretaries in the federal department of the ABC institutions had to say people have been out and about ever since the lie had started.279

  8. Personally, I don't think any of you cocks should be able to come over here for any reason whatsoever. Migration, vacation, sports, meetings… nothing. That being said, Biden is a ridiculous corrupt devil and deserves nothing less than a tall oak and a short rope.

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