This Is Scandalous

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Julian Assange is not even American🤔🇺🇸🤔 so our American laws should not apply to him which should exonerate him from any type of espionage charges that he is being charged of.. these are laws of America and facts that are being ignored by our American Mafiosos Government 🤔🇺🇲🤔🤑👹🤑 greed and control America🇺🇲 freedom is not ringing anymore it is now screaming America

  2. We must all protest for Julian Assange when the time comes America as this would not only be for him we'd be doing it for us the American people and the world 🤔🇺🇲🌍🤔🤑👹🤑 this is a sign of fascism and dictatorship 🤔🇺🇲🤔 America

  3. He won't be executed you twat. Manning said Obama made a mistake pardoning him. Snowden made available a ton of hacking tools and exploits to criminals and enemy states and weakened the USA and its allies. All of three of these heroic whistleblowers put lives at risk. The ends do not justify the means. If anything Asange will get a prison sentence and later a Presidential pardon after a few years.

  4. He can't even put on a defense. Democracy??? Hahaha Corporate Oligarchy without a religion. Yet they gave their Bohemian Grove, and Epstein Islands. Do you honestly buy that Mr Epstein self ended? C'mon, he was collateral damage. Both our Nations Two Party systems need to be overhauled.
    Snowden For President? At least he's honest

  5. If what he did was so, so bad, then why arent we digging more into what he exposed, and not punishing him.
    By punishing him the media can act like what he did was wrong, without ever having to appraoch the subject of the horrible shit that he exposed.

  6. julian assange, is a hero at 17 with the information about Desert Storm and all of the lastest information we all needed to know what the oversight committees throw a rug over.

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